Entering a dark night

Today I read a very enlightening article from Carl Johan Calleman PhD.

  Entering a Dark Age – and what do to about it

that describes how I look upon the way forward in a very chaotic time


I had to read some paragraphs twice and let them sink in. It makes so much sense and I would like to mentioned it here. To understand the “waves of creation” can widen the angle how we see things. I don’t particularly like the title of the article, it seems too dark. There are waves of light at the same time, but  you can see the rise and fall of empires in the sequence of the 6th wave.

In astrology there are also the trans Neptune planets that are represent longer cycles. There are also cycles like Nibiru that are ~ 3600 years. But in general we don’t work with those. The Mayan Calendar represents cycles much longer like for example the 6th wave presented in the image below.

From his article:


Fig 1. The rise of different major civilizations in the days of the Sixth Wave of the Mayan calendar system. By the ancient Mesoamericans this wave movement in the quantum field went by the name of the Plumed Serpent, which as it disappeared brought the downfall of civilizations.

If you want to understand better what is happening in longer and shorter waves of creation or cycles, have a look and read this article carefully.


It is very important to know what is going on now to be able to remain on top the wild waves and not drown in darkness. Remember, we are here for a reason. We incarnated to be her in this time. We didn’t consider that we can’t make it. This was no option, otherwise we would not be here.

Don’t try to achieve the impossible, think about what you can do that is really needed to prosper, despite of the “night energies”. What is important for us to survive?

Maybe it’s really time that you start to make a plan what to do with your back yard or your balcony and look into aquaponics and other easy ways to grow some food. Maybe it is time to go sign up for some workshop that offer practical skills e.g. how to fix your water pipes in the house or to understand the basic of other handy workers skills.

Many blessings, Katharina

3 comments on “Entering a dark night

  1. […] According to the Mayan calendar and the latest article from J. C. Calleman are we entering a “night” in the 6th wave of creation and this will help us to move into a different consciousness and those who try to keep breathing in, will be forced to breath out at one point. I have posted this article here in my blogs and in my opinion this is a “must” read yo understand what is really going on. https://skyviewastrology.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/entering-a-dark-night/ […]

  2. I understand that the darkness, the night is the key for the light….

  3. Interesting.Recovering  from shoulder replacement.I’ll stay in the light

    From: Skyview Astrology To: tavetaonline@yahoo.com Sent: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 11:49 PM

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