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Skyview Astrology Book

This book is about SkyView astrology, the only astrology system that deals with the real star constellations and a computer program called SkyView Astrology that has been available since the 1993.

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Excerpts from the Book

SkyView Astrology, the guide to Life’s Pilgrimage and the Soul’s Path of Evolution, by Katharina Bless:


In ancient times, astrologers and astronomers were one and the same it would not have made sense to them to separate these arts. The origin of the word “Astrology” is rooted in the Greek language, which means “the wisdom and teaching of the stars” and the word “logy” comes from “logos” which means knowledge. Why would one want to study the sky and the movements of planets if not to understand the deeper, more metaphysical aspects of time? While watches and clocks measure the passage of time (quantity) Astrology measures the quality of time and astronomy records the movements of the planets and stars.

The word “Horoscope” comes from “hora” and “scopein” (orig. Greek, pronounced: scope-ain) which means “to look into the hour”.  A horoscope is a sketch of the star constellations at the moment of birth at a certain birth place. This picture shows the fixed stars and the planets in their movements through the zodiac. The Radix or Natal Chart is the blueprint of the curriculum of one’s life, or we could say, it is the roadmap that guides the person through the maze of existence in the material world while in the physical body.

Tropical/Western astrologers make statements such as: ‘You are an Aries, Cancer’ and so forth. People also like to be “categorized” and to say, for example, “I am a Leo” with pride because Leo is a sign that people like. In actuality nobody can really say who you are. These statements are made according to the position of the Tropical/Western astrological sun sign at the time of a person’s birth which doesn’t reflect the true position of the sun in the sky.

It is crucial to understand right from the beginning here, that the true wisdom of Astrology is not to tell you who you are or predict your future but provides a roadmap and curriculum of your life to guide you. Astrology offers choices and helps to enhance the quality of life, based on 12 archetypes. To be completely accurate, there are actually 13 archetypes and 13 months in the year, but I will write about that later.

How did Western/Tropical Astrology loose the significance of the SkyView Astrology?

Today, according to the Tropical/Western school the star signs and planets are at an angle that deviates 28° from the real-time, or actual positions/locations of the star constellations in the sky of the present moment. Tropical/Western astrology calculates a natal chart according to the star constellations that were astronomically correct 2000 years ago.

In the actual sky the mass of the star constellation of each sign varies, ranging from Virgo the largest at 43 degrees and Cancer the smallest at 20 degrees. As previously mentioned, in Western Tropical astrology all the signs are allotted the same 30 degree size in contrast to SkyView Astrology where we find the correct astronomical data and therefore the precise size of each star constellation in the sky is followed.

Chart 1 Sample Horoscope Tropical/Western Astrology

To give an example – from a tropical astrological point of view if you were born at noon-time in London on the 21st of October 1980 your sun sign would be 27.28 degrees into Libra, but if you physically look at the sky the sun is 34.19 degrees into Virgo. This makes Skyview Astrology incredibly accurate.

Chart 2: Sample with SkyView Astrology: The inner most circle shows the Western/Tropical wheel and the outer circle shows the star constellations, (easy for reference and comparison)

Take into account that in the precession of the equinox the earth moves counter clockwise 1 degree every ~72 years and this causes the change of our sky view. The tropical and sidereal zodiacs were still the same until AD 221. This was the time when the astrology schools split into different methods……

The significant difference between SkyView and Western/Tropical Astrology:

In my years of experience working with both Tropical/Western and Sky View Astrology, I find the latter to be more precise and relevant to the present age. Sky View reveals the details that are unfolding and clearly shows the opportunities emerging in one’s life. I have had many clients who were relieved not “to be” an Aries or “to be” a Cancer etc. and to understand the real meaning of their Astrology Chart, detailing the time quality of this lifetime, and giving them guidelines to move more easily through life.

The significant difference between the two methods is that SkyView Astrology shows you the way to move beyond ego consciousness by dismantling the ego’s attachments to the seasonal cycle in the tropical astrology system. It emphasizes the soul’s emergence into consciousness and towards the alchemical marriage. It is truly a spiritual guide to one’s destiny………

Astrology is not a Fortune telling tool!

According to the Sky View method, the way I understand and interpret it, the Astrological Natal Chart shows a blueprint of the curriculum of our lives. With the different methods of reading the charts we can see how this curriculum unfolds in linear time.

Methods such as Transits or Solar/ Lunar Progressions, for example, show the quality of time within one’s life. We can thus evaluate the exact timing that would be beneficial for performing certain actions.

Equipped with such knowledge and following these guidelines life becomes smoother and more flowing. It is no longer a battle against barriers; instead it is more of an effortless movement through them. This requires not only a certain openness to see a gate or an opportunity, but also the willingness to move through it.

If we do not move willingly and with understanding within the chosen framework of our evolutionary path, we might be forced to experience our journey in much less pleasant ways. We might be pushed and shoved here and there, even suffer an illness or an accident for instance in order to be pushed back onto the right track. These experiences are correctives and are meant to bring us back to our chosen life path. If someone is moving too far away from their life’s destiny and path, they may even manifest lethal illnesses or die in accidents because the soul does not want to waste anymore time on the wrong path.

Pain and suffering arise when we resist and do not accept what is transpiring because we have forgotten that this was the journey we have chosen for ourselves.

Astrology has nothing to do with fortune telling! 

It is all about knowing the terrain and the forces at work, and making conscious appropriate choices. There are many lessons to be experienced along the way and skills to be refined, if we are open and receptive to the countless “mirrors” all around us.

The future is not carved in stone and no one can predict it, in fact, beware of those who say they can! What astrologers are able to do is suggest what may happen if you continue on a certain path and they can tell which energies are available at a particular time. The whole point of knowing what could happen in the future is so that if you are unhappy about it you can respond in a different way and make the journey easier.

This picture is on the cover of my book, painted by Helen Jandamit, Bangkok, Thailand

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