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Dark Moon, 20 January 2015 ~ What is true? What is real?

**SkyView Astrology** Dark Moon, 20 January 2015 What is true? What is real? By Katharina Bless   The Sun/Moon conjunction and Mercury/Venus in Capricorn is indicating that we have to contemplate a few things in life and now get rid of them. Half of the pyramid form the last Full Moon constellation is still here […]

Time for Initiation ~ SkyView Full Moon Reading ~ 5 Jan 2015

**SkyView Astrology** Full Moon, 5 January 2015 Time for Initiation! By Katharina Bless This year’s first Full Moon confronts us with a Pyramid shape of four squares with two diagonal oppositions. This is a very significant constellation, especially since the Sun is in conjunction with Pluto and one opposition is connected with the Node and […]