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Dark Moon, 28 Jan 2017: Chinese New Year of the Fire Chicken

**SkyView Astrology** Dark Moon, 28 Jan 2017 The Year of the Fire Chicken is a Phoenix year! By Katharina Bless The Dark Moon on Chinese New Year is still in Capricorn. This points out that the lunar year will be under the energy of “weeding out”. Capricorn, the last earth sign also represents the the […]

Full Moon 12 Jan ’17: Breaking the Spell!

**SkyView Astrology** Full Moon, 12 Jan 2017 Breaking the Spell! By Katharina Bless The Sun/Moon opposition from Gemini to Sagittarius is connected with a closed square that builds a pyramid. At the same time we find a triangle with two one-and-a-half squares with the base square from the Sun/Pluto conjunction to Uranus. This year will […]