Cell phones “penetrate” your brain and cause cancer

Info from Natural News, from the Health Ranger:


Cell phones “penetrate” your brain and cause cancer, reveals secret govt. document
Mike Adams   

A document hidden from the public by the government of California has now been made public thanks to a lawsuit.

It reveals that the state hid the truth from the public about how cell phone radiation (EMF) penetrates into the brains of children and causes brain cancer.

Click here for the analysis and full text of the document.


In the light of recent happening and revelations of hidden facts, I plan now to post more often info here in the blog with the Category: Uncovering Hidden Facts.

When I first had a mobile phone in the 90’s when I was living in a house without phone, I got immediately a headache when I used the mobile phone. It started with a “needle hail storm” in the ear and if I stayed longer on the phone then 3 minutes, the headache began. It was very strong and I had a hard time to get rid of it. I felt that something not natural is going on with the mobile phones, something that really cause damage.  I sold it immediately when I moved and didn’t have another mobile phone until 06, when my mother (86 years old) moved to live with me here, so she could reach me.

In the mean time I found out about the crystalloid phone discs from my friend in Switzerland who is selling the Original Swiss Tesla plates. I did attach the little phone disc and had no “needle storm” feeling anymore. I also put some on my iPad because when I carry it I feel immediately from in the hands the energy flow of something “not so nice” creeping up my arm.

To find out what you can do about it, please look at the Tesla Plates. I work with Tesla Plates since the mid 80’s and since 10+ years I am involved in promoting the Phone Discs that prevent the negative effect of the mobile phones, computers, tablets etc. Tesla plates are Tachion Devise, they act like an antenna and draw energy towards them. You can use a Tesla plate for ever, it never expires as long as it’s not damaged.
Have a look at: http://www.teslaplatesasia.com/

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5 comments on “Cell phones “penetrate” your brain and cause cancer

  1. Unfortunately true,its because they are slaves to their phones!Also its very clever but its easy to see how mobile phones can become the centre of ones (not mine!)universe!Games,music,internet,weather,radio,camera,video and much more!

  2. yes, it’s incredible the ignorance of the masses… every body is complaining but hardly anybody does something about it!

  3. Thanks for posting this,its about time the truth came out,lets hope the dam is finally bursting!

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