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SkyView Astrology Full Moon 21 Jan 2019: a powerful blood moon!

**SkyView Astrology** Full Moon, 21 January 2019 A powerful blood moon, listen to the whispers of time. by Katharina Bless As probably most of you will be able to confirm, the energy feels totally different from a month ago. Something profound has shifted and the blood moon, which is an eclipse and the moon is […]

Dark Moon 6 Jan 2019. What is Truth really?

**SkyView Astrology** Dark Moon, 6 January ’19 Happy New Year 2019 What is truth really? by Katharina Bless The first Dark Moon in the new year brings a lot of openings and dynamic. Not only the Moon/Sun conjunction is in Sagittarius, but also Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. This is a year that we can’t stay […]