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Full Moon: Oct 29/30th, 2012

SkyView Astrology:   Full Moon October 29/30, 2012 Activation of “Junk DNA” The Full Moon opposition is from Virgo to Aries, which is a non conventional constellation, which can never happen in Western/Tropical astrology. Since the real star constellations are not 30˚ in the sky, but each sign is a bit different, we have oppositions that […]

Dark Moon: Oct. 15th, 2012

SkyView Astrology: Dark Moon, October 15th, 2012 Another Threshold ~ Another Door has opened! The Sun/Moon conjunction in Virgo is connected with a half square with Mars in Scorpio and trine to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. The third aspect is a quintile to Pluto in Sagittarius. The first aspect to look at, the half square […]