What are the consequences of wearing masks – Dr. Almut Clausen, Germany

What are the consequences of wearing masks Dr. Almut Clausen, Germany Since 30 years Dr. Almut Clausen was teaching workshops in her “school of breath” in Switzerland and Germany to reduce stress and burn out. She is now 75 years old and retired in Germany – still active and working, she just released her latest […]

Crucial update: It is time to look at this!

Dear Readers, this is not a SkyVIew reading, but something I want to send out because it is crucial to our lives and I have never heard anyone explain it so perfect like the lady in this video. This was what I was looking at also the last few month and she did her homework […]

SkyView Astrology – Uranus Alert: is History repeating itself?

SkyView Astrology Uranus Alert: is History repeating itself? by Katharina Bless   The Journey of URANUS We have just entered a time of serious danger if people don’t wake up! To look a bit closer to the journey of a planet, it helps to go back one revolution and look at what happened in the […]

Lecture with Dr. Dietrich Klinghard… awesome!

A few days a friend has sent me this information and I want to share this with you. It is one of the best and most detailed and clear talks I’ve ever heard. It is a lecture from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Vortrag/Lecture Deutsch/English  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVr5PywldOA   It is simultaneously translated English an German. His talk […]

Cosmic Disclosure

Cosmic Disclosure   This is a very important message and to make sure that many of you can see it, I will “sponsor” it on Wednesday May 23rd again for another 48 hours and the weekend 26/27 May. The answers to these questions help you understand what is going on now. I can sponsor 3 […]