Full Moon, 12 March 2017 …we see just ourselves, but in different masks

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Full Moon, 12 March 2017

It’s like a mirror cabinet, we see just ourselves, but in different masks.

By Katharina Bless

This Full Moon is in Leo, with an opposition to the Sun already in Pisces. We once again have a constellation which is impossible in Western/Tropical astrology. I feel that this is very significant, especially since we are now challenged to rethink all the “old” ways of our life and work on life quality. In the last years it was a lot about quantity, more of every thing, growth, progress and expansion. Now we know that this was an “in-breath” and after the in-breath follows an out-breath. The breathing out means to let go of the air, it is the air which is depleted of oxygen, since part of it is now in our blood. We are nourished and let go. We gained an experience.

In the last wave of breathing in, there was a lot of expansion and growth. Now we come to a moment of a stand-still to digest what happened, to release what does not serve us and deepen what we have learned.

According to the Mayan calendar and the latest article from J. C. Calleman are we entering a “night” in the 6th wave of creation and this will help us to move into a different consciousness and those who try to keep breathing in, will be forced to breath out at one point. I have posted this article here in my blogs and in my opinion this is a “must” read yo understand what is really going on. https://skyviewastrology.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/entering-a-dark-night/

It also, once again, is clearly visible in the chart that this is a time of letting go and looking at things again with a different background knowledge. The Moon is connected with a Quincunx to Uranus. A Quincunx is a 150/210º aspect and appears 30º before and after the opposition, which is a 180º aspect. This is an aspects with two significant meanings, depending if it’s before the opposition or after.

Looking from the moon forward through the signs, the Quincunx is 210º away, meaning a “descending” aspect. If we look from Uranus, it’s a 150º aspect, which is the ascending aspect, just before the opposition. This aspect is giving us a chance to look at things again before we are confronted with certain topics when the opposition happens, and the descending Quincunx then is a “divorce” aspect. After the opposition we let go or are pushed to let go. Now since there are two Quincunx s, we also have the oppositions at the same time, which forces us to confront certain things in our lives and let go.

It is an intense confrontation we can say, but on the other hand it’s a great chance to be propelled forward with less burden and luggage. If we use the Quincunx as a chance and welcome them, we will greatly profit from this constellation.

Since the second Quincunx is connected with the Sun/Chiron conjunction and Jupiter, still retrograde, we can see that this complex confrontation is about a new identification of who we are. It’s a chance to move up into a higher consciousness lever and look “down” from there to see things in a different perspective. Similar if you climb a mountain or tower, the view from there is different then from below.

Often it is important to remove ourselves from our “daily road” and go to some place with a overview to be able to move on. A problem can not be resolved on the same level where it was created. This is all about experience, belief and doubt. If we belief something, we doubt it at the same time. If we remain on the horizontal level, there is no progress. All experience form a triangle if we use geometry to understand.

Let me add here something from my “Flower Healing Power” book to illustrate it better. Every learning experience can be compared with a triangle. Only if we move from the horizontal line up to the third point, we can’s solve a problem because we only have problems when we don’t know/understand something, when it is against our belief to be true and therefore we doubt or neglect it. The solution is the comprehension of the other pole of polarity, which will catapult us to a third point above, we have integrated this part and it became knowledge/understanding.

A triangle can be used to demonstrate how all learning processes work. At the triangle’s base we place the opposite polarities of, for example, adventure – security, courage – fear, tolerance – condemnation, and so on, which are transcended once an experience is completed.

At the apex of the triangle, we reach a new level and a new set of polarities open. Through further experience we’ll move on again and then again, through one triangle after the other. We are mistaken if we believe that experience is linear. Actually, nothing in our life moves in a linear direction.


Every time we have a new experience, we move through the above process. When we are ready to grow even more and further expand our knowledge, our perspective will also grow. So we continue to explore and experience new things, learning more and more as we grow.

We are always confronted with opposites, or polarity-pairs, leading us to new realizations. We are not moving in a linear way!! This is why linear time as we measure it doesn’t really exist.


This process is our life. We move on only if we “climb” higher and higher in our consciousness and here I can say that it is very important to make mistakes, to have to courage to try something and experience it, even though it might not be successful the first time it is only through doing that we can learn, experience and then move on.


Intelligent people make many mistakes ….. and learn

Stupid people make the same mistakes over and over again …..


Each time when we reach an apex of understanding, something new opens up and we can move forward and learn more. At one point we’ll be ready for unity consciousness and understand the process of the human experience. This will happen effortless when we accepted the challenges leading to experiences along our path.

In the physical appearance we need to be separated because only this uniqueness and difference makes it possible to experience our life. At one point we don’t need a physical body anymore and move in higher realms of existence, but as long as we can distinguish things, if there is a you and me, an inside and outside, there is polarity, progress and experience. Experience is neither good nor bad, it just is. It is up to us to move beyond judgement and look at all life as what it is: experience.

At one point we did step into “Existence” and since then we are experiencing polarity. Our bodies never will reach unity, this is not possible since it’s separate from other bodies. To reach unity we move beyond the body and this is why unity consciousness is possible even if we are still in a body. It includes the understanding that we are living in polarity-pairs.


Now what this chart is showing us is that we can heal our conflict with polarity on the level of consciousness if we move up to the next level of problem solution, move beyond the belief-doubt poles again and again until we understand what it’s all about.

The 150° and 210° Quincunx are polarity pairs and the opposition is bringing them together. Both aspects are contained within the opposition and if we understand this, there is no conflict, but just breathing in and breathing out.

Uranus is inspiring the Moon and the Sun/Chiron in opposition is confronted with the inspiration and has the chance to understand and integrate it, then the aspect of letting go (the 210° aspect) is the logical consequence and not painful at all. It’s just the next step, like the child who leaves his tricycle behind to move on to a two wheel bike.

The same is true for the Quincunx between the Sun and ret. Jupiter. This is all about expansion of our views, about understanding and deepening the experience. It’s about healing our perception and step out of dogmatic norm and brainwash. The inspiration from Uranus helps to see that maybe we are stuck in old emotions and habits and therefore not able to really feel anymore. It will activate our ability to feel again, to see things with the eyes of the heat and not just the habitual observation.

The matrix that we live on is an ongoing creation. If we give our power away, others can create for us and use this energy for their ego purpose. If we take back our creative power, we can start to create a different world. A world where we live in peace. Yes, it is possible. I would take very little and you don’t even have to change your religion or basic belief. It’s stated in all of them in the same way: Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you!

Most people are totally absorbed with their daily lives and cyber space, that they have no real connection to life anymore. Every thing has become artificial and automatic. We need to be thrown out of our routine to be able to see something else again. To start to feel again and “smell the roses”.

Some events might have stopped you from doing what you used to do. Some people might have left you or some new people came into your life. You might have lost a job or apartment to force you to move on. It’s all part of the game. Part of the experience and if we are willing to move on new doors will open.

We are moving towards a collapse of the expansion, a new paradigm if we like it or not. There is something we can do about it. First thing is not to resist the energies but align with them. Start to create you life in the sense of true humanity, support instead of compete. Since every thing is energy, not only our thoughts, but every thing in existence, we are not helpless and are able to create a new experience. In fact we do it all the time, it’s just that most people don’t know about it. They see the enemy in the outside and separated from them not realizing that it’s part of the journey and we project things outside of us to be able to experience them. Enemies are in general people or things we don’t agree with.

Lets use this constellation to deepen our understanding and attempt to see the the path of our experience and the microcosm/macrocosm image more clear. It’s like a mirror maze, we see just ourselves, but in different masks.

On the world stage we experience the sum of the mass consciousness. If this changes, every thing will change.

Namaste, Katharina


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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

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2 comments on “Full Moon, 12 March 2017 …we see just ourselves, but in different masks

  1. Thanks again,great explanation about the quincunx and about the triangle,it got me thinking because what we call a T Square is actually a triangle,whose apex is the release point!
    Also thats very interesting about Calleman and the Mayan calender,looking at the wave it seems spot on in coinciding with events on Earth,will have to come back to that article,alot of insightful info!:)
    Take care fellow traveller and thanks again for the care and work you put into bringing us the star translations!:)

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