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An Easter Message for You

An Easter Message for you by Katharina Bless   Easter is all about the crucifixion and the rising from the death. What does that have to do with us in our daily lives? Do we just accept a mythos about a guy named Jesus who died on the cross and then rise from the death, […]

Full Moon: March 27th, 2013

**SkyView Astrology**  Full Moon, March 27, 2013 Be aware of deceptions!   Probably every body will agree with me when I say that the last month was bringing us to limits and things went so fast that it was nearly impossible to keep track. It seems that there is a general exhaustion and the call […]

Dark Moon: March 11th, 2013

Skyview Astrology: Dark moon March 11th, 2013 Mercury retrograde asks us to listen carefully now!   Another exciting chart with so many planets in Aquarius ushering in the new energy with another blast. Last Full Moon there was the story with the pope resigning and there was much more revealed about the misuse of the […]