Dark Moon Reading 10 July 21

The Mirror of the True Self By Katharina Bless With this Moon/Sun conjunction we find a trine to retrograde Neptune and a one-and-a-half square to ret. Jupiter. And another one-and-a-half square is connecting Mercury to ret. Saturn. These karmic aspects will bring a lot of changes and push humanity to look into the mirror! That […]

Full Moon Reading 24 June 2021

There is a big crack in the Dam! By Katharina Bless . The moon in Sagittarius is in opposition to the Sun in Gemini. Mercury has turned direct again and we can see the flood of info coming in. A lot of “leaks” are all cracking open in the rigid walls of the hidden agenda […]

Dark Moon Reading 12 April 21

Dark Moon Reading 12 April 21

This Dark Moon we have 5 planets in Pisces and you can guess easily that this is a time that people are loosing the knowledge what really is happening in the outer world. Many are just confused and irritated, many more are afraid and confused.

Mental disorders do not exist

This is a very interesting perpective: Officially, all mental disorders are said to be chemical imbalances in the brain. Not just any imbalances, but specific ones. But, this is assertion is unproven. There is no evidence for it.   via Mental disorders do not exist

Psst, kid, want drugs? I’m a psychiatrist

via Psst, kid, want drugs? I’m a psychiatrist