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Next workshop on Skyview Astrology by Katharina Bless…

There will be new on line workshops coming up soon in 2018.

The workshops will be 6 sessions of 2 hours on Zoom. Since we have international groups, we have to coordinate the time and I plan to teach a new beginner workshops in April/May. If you are interested, I will send you the information by email.

Please let me know if you are interested to reserve your space.


In our on line workshops you receive my book about SkyView Astrology and we work with Zoom Internet Conference systems. You can download zoom.us for free. Its a fantastic to have also to communicate with your international friends. It is much more efficient then Skype, because they don’t own what you write and don’t record what you talk… Skype does…!


Did you know that the Tropical/Western Astrology commonly used today is inaccurate to the extent of 28º and not in alignment with the real Star Constellations? To find the genuine blueprint of one’s life we have to look into the real star constellations to find out what our life is about. Life is an adventure, why else did we decide to come down here? It’s time to take back our power, learn the true purpose of our lives and then we are able to help others too! In this workshop, you will learn how to interpret a horoscope with the real star constellations and understand the curriculum of life. This knowledge will give you the tool to plan your life according your personal energy flow  to make everything easier. In addition it will help you to understand the time quality in general!

You will need a computer or a laptop so you can install the SkyView program for a trial period of 30 days.

In all our physical workshops we include daily Nada Yoga (Yoga of sacred sound), a sound bath with the crystal Singing Bowls and the astounding Chiron Gong to relax and be open to learn much more easy.

On line workshops are planned differently and stretch over 6-8 weeks.

General Information 

Generally the first day of the retreat is the arrival day with a sound bath in the evening and we start the workshop on the next morning at 8am. We usually finish on the last day of the retreat at 10am, but if someone has an early flight they can leave earlier. Each retreat includes a sightseeing day, except the Christmas/New Year retreat.

In some retreats/workshops there will be an additional charge for material. In the Skyview Astrology workshop, the cost of the computer program is already included.

Please book and buy your tickets early, especially around Christmas and New Year. It is difficult to get an air plane seat if you are late!

For more information and registration, please contact Katharina and check out our website for other workshops: Soma Retreats

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