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Please fill out the below contact form and let us know your comments, questions or feedback.

If you are interested in a reading, please contact me and provide the following data:
1. Birthdate
2. Time of birth
3. Place of birth, if it’s a little village, please provide the next bigger city and don’t forget the country

I will prepare the reading for you, send you the charts by email and we’ll arrange an audio or video call for the reading for one hour. Energy exchange: US$ 120

Have a look at my other links:

Soma Retreat Center that offers workshops and retreats.


Soma Art Pro: Creating protective Devices for EMF pollution etc. with Tesla Plates (original Swiss Tesla Plates) and a Orgone Method that I combine with the Tesla Plates


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Katharina Bless


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  1. I love to receive your posts

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