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Full Moon, 4 April 2015: Things are not what they seem to be! Beware of false conclusions!

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 4 April 2015

By Katharina Bless

Blood moon eclipse

Things are not what they seem to be! Beware of false conclusions!



When I first looked at that chart I didn’t want to write about it. What (the heck) is this all about…don’t we have enough?!?!? So I had a second look and then I was excited, because it indicates a big shift again. The last weeks were very intense and a lot of solar flares had also a strong effect on our nerve system and our electronic gadgets.


The full moon axis from Virgo into Pisces with Sun coming into conjunction with Uranus, we can expect something special within these days. It looks like an “implosion” this time with Sun/Uranus, or an “underwater explosion” which will ripple through the whole world.


Mars is now in Aries, and some people might show aggression at the surface, but it’s hollow. It’s bluffing! Mars has no strong allies in that chart and only two aspects, a quincunx to Saturn and a half square to Chiron. This indicates that there is a little delay ins some projects or that we have to rethink what we are doing to make sure we don’t waste energies with the wrong projects.


Chiron seems to have a strong impact on our health and this morning I got an email from a friend telling, literally, a women has been “rebooted”. I quote: “…. and her heart started to race. She finally went to the Dr. and they about freaked out when they found her heart rate was 220 beats per minute!  They said, ‘were going to have to stop your heart and bring you back to life” and before she could object they had already done that….basically they “rebooted her heart” and then her heart beat was “normal.”



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