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Dark Moon 18 April 2015: A new dawn is her for those who can see it

**SkyView Astrology**

Dark Moon 18 April 2015

A new dawn is her for those who can see it

By Katharina Bless


 This Dark Moon is on the last degree of Pisces, Sun and Moon are just about to enter Aries, where Mercury and Mars are already, and stir up some new things and bring break trough’s, maybe even some that we can’t yet comprehend or see.

I just unsubscribed, a few minutes ago, from a newsletter that was connected to my past. Perfect sample of this and I will delete some more things that are due to leave my life! I didn’t look at the chart before, but it is just what I had to do. And something what we all have to do if there are things coming up in these days and we know that there is no reason to hold on. This would just be something that distracts us from what is to come.

What ever is still reminding you of past patterns and programs, of old life style and relations, even people and friends in your life who have walked with you for some time, select carefully if they still are on the same path with you or if you are walking “their path”. Now it is the perfect time to make sure that you are on your own life path and not looking back.

Now you are standing in front of THIS one special door which is opening for YOU. It may be already open a bit, and you might know what is behind it,  know, what you want and where you go. Out down the back pack if you still carry one and take the final step over this threshold, to walk that new path in the new world of your conscious creation. Take the first steps like a baby, innocent and curious! Expect this new life to be full of surprises and possibilities beyond the old paradigm and dogma.


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