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Nov 3rd Solar Eclipse: We are here to realize our dreams, not ot forget about them!

**SkyView Astrology**
Dark Moon, 3 November, 2013
We are here to realize our dreams, not to forget about them!

This Dark Moon constellation and Sun Eclipse was originally the date I have wanted to be the opening of our new Soma Retreat Center, but circumstances pushed it a week later. Today I am grateful and it could have even pushed a bit further… But things are going very fast now and for the opening all we need is ready!

Actually the opening will be in the New Moon energy, which is perfect too and with a ret Mercury, to make it clear that this is a retreat place and not a tourist place. You might remember my Pilgrim VS Tourist philosophy that we have here. You can have a look here:


This Dark Moon Chart has a very interesting half hexagon that starts with the opposition Chiron to Mars. The only two planets outside are Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Pisces. This half hexagon is still in place on the opening and Jupiter is connected to the moon.

This Chart talks about balance and healing our power. The last chart was about understanding the different kind of love and this is important to understand if we want to find healing. Healing is a word that comes from holy and whole. This healing that is taking place now helps to move on more smooth into the world we create.

In our societies and religions we are taught that we are not holy and whole and that we need to worship a divine entity outside of us. This makes it impossible to be heal and find the holiness within. All the teaching is exoteric and the exoteric knowledge (that was always hidden as in the word’s meaning) is not accessible for the masses.

People need an exoteric religion to find the esoteric path one day when their consciousness level is high enough to make the “jump”. In a world and time when many are in the process of awakening, many are able to make this jump. Unfortunately, we can observe that a lot of groups that use the word “esoteric” are not teaching what the word promises but are still very much on an “exoteric” path.

“Exoteric” means the outer path, like all the words starting with “ex-“ relate either to the past or to something that is not in our private spaere anymore. “Existere” (Latin) literally means “stepping out” and the fact that we exist, means that we have stepped out of “unity”. Every thing that is within unity we can’t describe anymore with words which represent polarity. We can only depict them with negations and allegories.


please read the whole article at:


One comment on “Nov 3rd Solar Eclipse: We are here to realize our dreams, not ot forget about them!

  1. Thanks Katharina. I look forward to seeing you Wed night! Sean, the guy who wrote you about the M-Ki can’t afford the week-long course, so let’s talk about some possibilities once I am there.

    Big kiss,


    Love, Light and Peace,

    Diane Dunn

    Paz y Luz

    Pisac, Cusco, Peru



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