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Full Moon 17 Nov 2013: We can’t bring the old patterns into a new world!

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Full Moon 17 Nov 2013

We can’t bring the old patterns into a new world!

Are you ready to find the open the door to cross the threshold into a new reality, beyond the restrictions of the 3D, mostly fear based, consciousness?

The full moon constellation this month shows a rare opposition from the Sun in Libra to the Moon that just moved into Taurus. This opposition looks like the base of a pyramid where the top is cut off. You can look at it as the unfinished foundation. The planets creating these aspects, have a strong message and show the way to how to complete the pyramid, which is a key symbol of our further evolution on the way back home.

The Full Moon conveys the message to focus on balance and healing. The Node, Saturn, the sun are in Libra and Mercury is just about to re-enter Libra after being retrograde until Nov 12th. The Moon, representing the soul, is in Taurus, ruled by Venus connected to the Moon with a one-and-a-half square. The aspect that completes the triangle back to the sun is a half square. We find the exact same constellation the opposite way around from the Sun to Uranus and back to the moon.

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