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Sun/Uranus Conjunction in Aries

Update 5 May 22 by Silver Dove
Energy Update: Sun / Uranus conjunction

Today, on 5.5.22 Uranus is in exact conjunction with the sun in Aries. The energy is very intense and I probably am not the only one who can feel it not only on the emotional level, but right down to the physical. To relax and sleep is difficult….

I write today about it because I want to talk about the individual experience according to the consciousness level.

Uranus entered Aries for good in February 2019 and this is about the time when every thing started to tighten and all the preps for the C19 PLandemic started to manifest, not visible for the common people yet. But some people already knew and I remember that the Health Ranger Mike Adams was really into the prepping and saw that something real bad is coming. Many laughed then …

Uranus brought the great shift, a reset we can say, but not in the same sense as certain people from the World Economic Forum and others see it. They used the energy to unleash the illness and spread it worldwide. Neptune in Aquarius was the ideal constellation to hide the intent from the masses and Pluto in Sagittarius was the energy that was breaking hell loose. A very unique constellation! But perfect for what was to come! It could have gone both ways… but now we are seeing a new dawn!

It was the ideal constellation for the real start of the wake up call for humanity. Unfortunately there was no other way since the masses were still deep asleep. Even though the consciousness level of humanity, thanks to the old souls on the planet who were diligently bringing more and more light, the break through into the positive outcome was in 1986. It was the first time in human history that a civilization had a chance to survive an “age” without being destroyed.

You might remember the consciousness level table that was calibrated by Dr. David R. Hawkins in his book “Power VS Force”. A book that in my opinion is a must read.

Uranus is connected to spirit, it is the consciousness rising, signifying an active energy with the arrow pointing upwards. Now when people have a low consciousness level, it’s like they are in a building with a low ceiling and this force that want to shoot up backfires, blocked by the ceiling and forced to explode and all the energy waves become destructive and to a certain degree destroy the source.

We have to remove the ceiling. The ceiling represents the box that is formed by beliefs and dogma. The controlling elite that rules with iron fist through religion and governments have created the schools with a program to brainwash every body into letting go of natural instinct and feelings into a virtual reality that was created and led people into a norm … to be normal … instead of natural. This goes so far as you can see with the whole gender madness. Even if you change it, there are only 2 gender left.. unless you add the Eunuch….

Now with Sun/Uranus in Aries the break through is stronger than ever because the consciousness of the masses started to wake up slowly, now it is rocketing. I can see that in the flood of information of the “conspiracy channels” that is now exploding with thing the real “conspiracy theorist” have known for quite some time and now they are facts. And I mean REAL FACTS!

But what most people can’t see (yet) is that this whole chaos was important and necessary to overthrow the old rules that have kept humans in slavery and the most horrific violation of human rights with all the child/human trafficking, sexual abuse and much more.

It has to come to the surface to be redeemed. Now is the big explosion which will free those on the timeline towards a spiritual life that will be foremost ruled by people with a high consciousness of love, peace, support and creativity.

It is a time to celebrate that we are on the way to realize our dreams of a life that we long for since many life times and that now we can manifest it.

This might help to move on now when not every thing is in the open yet, when those horrific facts come to the surface and we mourn the lives of many who have agreed for this sacrifice to wake up the masses.

Just imagine that all the older prophecies before 1986 have predicted doom. We would have been destroyed by fire, nuclear wars probably. Still those souls incarnated even before seeing the chance that this could be avoided and the level of consciousness could rise. All the conspiracy theorists are part of this, they accepted to be ridiculed and laughed at….. loosing their jobs and their reputations. Only since a very shore period of time the consciousness of the earth has risen beyond fear based, thanks to all the light souls who came in to help.

Now in this time of transition we have a responsibility to support the waking up process and help all those who are lost in the chaos.

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For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).

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