Full Moon Reading 19 Nov 21

Intense Soul training to learn to SEE

By Katharina Bless


The very powerful full moon eclipse with moon in Taurus and the Sun in Libra is a very special one because it’s not the usual opposites. The emotions try to hold on to the old and are pretending that every thing will be fine… just hold on!

But the Sun is talking about balancing together with Mercury and Mars also in Libra. You can see from the aspects, that the emotions are high and the lot of tension everywhere is palpable! Many people say they can’t sleep or are so tired that they want to sleep the whole day.

This has to do with the different frequencies that interfere with the light that is becoming stronger the deeper we move into the photon belt. The endgames are always very difficult but if you look at how desperate they try to get that jab into people, you see that we are very close to a break through!

If you look at the natural laws, you can see that every thing has to be balanced at one point. Every thing is connected to a rhythm with a beginning and an end in the physical dimensions. Since this is the first time humanity survives the end of a cycle without a global cataclysm.

It is the time, as we can see in this chart, where the major balance acts are happening and many are not seen by the world. Even though we are in midst of a war, and not just a war that includes a couple countries, it encompasses the whole world. The dark cloud of fear that cause the imbalance is the result of the many decades of preparation for this moment in time.

Now in this chart we can see that Venus in Sagittarius connected with a karmic aspect to the moon and a square to Chiron show the resistance and lethargy of so many. From this Venus position we can also see how much the brainwash through religion has programmed people to not trust themselves and give their power away. The same is confirmed by Jupiter, even though direct now, but still in Capricorn the energies of expansion are still blocked.

But for those who seek clarity, it might be the perfect timing to start to do some research. Many have more time at hand and this is also a very important aspect.

The (orange) karmic aspect urge human beings to stop to give their power away and start in balancing one’s own life, to look what is near and needs to be resolved… balanced… talked about etc. The aspect from Chiron to Saturn shows that the main topic is about clarity. You have to be able to “unlearn” the past negative programs and move into a better one. One that is friendly to human life and not wants to destroy it.

Pluto indicates with the trine to the moon that if you are wiling to look at the hidden things, the things that might not look like their “yours” but are the shadows – the collective shadows – that we need to face.

Now is the time to become creative and start to go and do research on all kind of alternative topics including energy, healing, living, building etc. and get your second (or third or forth…) education. We need to be ready when Uranus turns direct in Aries in January …. This will be a very “loaded” time and several tidal waves on many level will crash over humanity.

As a very practical advise I see in this chart the very strong intuition that if we sort though our old stuff and look where our beliefs and habits come from we can achieve a lot. You can start yourselves questions like: why do I eat …. in the morning? Is it because I grew up with it? What if I would try something else? And if you have the courage to do it, you break a habit that has caught you on the material level… and it has a lot of “tentacles” connected to other habits that might be easier to let go of if you try it with the breakfast!

This coming two weeks will bring up emotional attachments with other people or things, all kind relationships around us. Be awake and observe if you act or REact.

This looks like we are in a soul training “intense” to learn to see what we are doing!
– finally –

Blessings, Katharina



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For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).

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4 comments on “Full Moon Reading 19 Nov 21

  1. Thanks Marco for your encouraging words. It drives me mad sometimes when I see how it seems that logic is totally lost with so many. How should you, as a quaxed, be afraid of those not …. I can see it here that my friend here has problems with her friends who are not afraid of her! I really don’t get it. I listen a lot to Kryon that helps me to be compassionate and not loos it. Luckily I don’t have to go out much and enjoy living in my little orchard, we just planted another 100 trees and 400 pineapple and lots of Bananas.
    Sending lots of love, K

    • Keep planting!;)

      • YES, soon I can live off the land…. it’s a good feeling and my food is fresh and without pesticides. I am very grateful that I made that decision many years ago to live here. It was not easy, but now I start to harvest …..

  2. Yes the intensity is building….the unquaxed here in Cz are having basic freedoms removed and Austria will dare to mandate it for all…maybe this will get people really going mad and it will be an issue about the time Uranus goes direct in Aries!Endtimes indeed!I have faith in our Higher power and the human spirit tho it wont be easy!I like how you said this is the first time we reach the end of a cycle without a global cataclysm,i feel that but still there will be alot of drama and needed change and the overthrowing of this dark system,finally!Keep strong,much love and gratitude,Marco:)

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