Full Moon 11 Feb 17: What you resist persists, what you look at disappears!

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Full Moon, 11 Feb 2017

What you resist persists, what you look at disappears!
By Katharina Bless

This Full Moon chart has a few very interesting geometrical figures and brings lots of activities. The Axis with Moon in Leo and Sun in Capricorn will stir up some emotions and it’s better to lay low over this weekend and look at what is coming up.

The blue triangle in the Chart is helping us to move beyond the old hurdles and dogmas with the inspiration of Uranus. If people are not ready to look at the changes and shift of the time, the ego might get shaken quite a bit, which in this time is a great gift.


This reminds me that I just read yesterday something about a big event with several Symposium and exhibitions in Switzerland, one of them is a Shaman Symposium with a Maha-Kali-Ceremony offered by Stefan Mandel.

He writes in the introduction (my translation from German): “In her fierce and terrifying manifestation, the goddess Kali is the one who brings us salvation and the end of suffering. She cuts off egocentric behaviour, confusion, ignorance and unsuitable bonds, thereby opening the way to salvation and enlightenment. Everything she destroys, removes or transforms is in fact harmful for us! She removes what generates generated suffering in our lives, in the lives of our loved ones and in our environment and therefore needs to be removed. Ceremonies and pujas are sacred acts, which connect us to the great whole with all its many helpers and thus feed one of the most essential parts of the soul.”


This really says it clearly and this event is very timely. Since this triangle is formed from trines and on two sides move into a “dragon” form, one with Jupiter and one with the Sun, it is clear that the removal of certain patterns greatly serve us in many ways. A trine represents a gift, a chance to improve things. One of the dragon forms assists in taking a lot of baggage and overweight from us, things we still carry around not really knowing where they come from and what to do with them. Emotional clutter is being removed and you can use the time to de-clutter your house/flat or workplace and throw or give away things you don’t need anymore. If you make space, it can be filled with something new and more valuable. What you don’t need anymore can be a great gift for someone who needs it.

The other dragon form is about moving our boundaries, not outside, but to dive deeper and deeper into our own creative potential and bring it forth. It is good to use all the help we have in the outside world to activate creative expression.

We probably also have a few more surprises to expect on the world stage with this Uranus constellation and be assured, that they are for the benefit of the world, even if they might look tragic in the moment.

Retrograde Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus which will help to implode the house of cards. Each illusion taken away will help to see things more clear. Each step out of the old chaos will bring new opportunities and chances.


With two trines and the oppositions there is also a rectangle forming two support triangles. They show what we have to confront to solve the problems we face in our daily lives. The Sun/Moon opposition is telling us to look at both, feelings and mind/consciousness, before we make a decision. It is important to feel into a situation that arises and not just use the rational mind and judge. This judgement is based on old beliefs and dogmas. If we can just look at something and feel it, there might be a different perspective.

The second triangle with the Uranus/retJupiter opposition is also asking for reflection, but here we need to look at our boundaries. Inspiration and revolution within are nearly the same. Unexpected thoughts might come up, things that seem strange, even not to arise from one self, long forgotten or suppressed, disturbing our peace of mind. These are contents to remove, to let go and maybe we have to forgive someone else, but often ourselves to be free.

Sometimes its enough to look at something and admit it to be part of us: what you resist persists, what you look at disappears. Since the triangle is made from a trine and a sextile, there is not hard work connected to it. To acknowledge it might be enough.


The third forms are 2 “finger of God” aspects, Yod, and the main one is pointing to Chiron (in the image above) from Moon and retJupiter. This shows us that there is a lot of healing energy in this chart and if we accept the help of Kali and let her remove things, even if it looks frightening in the moment, it triggers powerful healing.

Just have a look at our justice systems: there are so many laws and conditions, that even a skilled lawyer has problems to get around in this jungle. And what most to is try to find if there is a loophole they can use to escape….

It could be so easy… live and let live…. My freedom stops where the freedom of the other starts. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you! Respect all life and freedom of speech/thought. Don’t promise something that you can’t live up to. With this few things we could get along well and we could add that once you understand others, talk to them and see their motivation, there is always a solution to find and in some situations we have to agree to disagree. Could be so simple…!!! We could bring more playfulness into life and then the rules would not be hard to accept. Competition could be inspiring and supportive. We could honour the players for participating and the weaker ones for their courage to join in and empower them instead of laughing at them.


In controlled systems people have no freedom anymore and never grow up. They always blame the system and every thing outside of them for what is happening instead of understanding that they are co-creators of their own life and are responsible for their actions. There is a lot of help in this chart, but the one square (Saturn/Chiron) is very clear that the responsibility of our healing lies within us! There lies the resistance, most people still belief that healing has something to do with doctors and medicine. Saturn wants us to transform this view and understand that medicine can help to ease some symptoms, but never heal.

Mercury also is involved in a Yod figure which points to the North Node in Leo. The base is connected with Mars in conjunction with Venus, both in Pisces. Here we also can see that a lot of emotional work has to be done, that we can’t solve any problems with only the mind.It’s time to go deeper, allow old issues to surface and look at them without judgement. Let the past be the past and move on.


Are we, as a global humanity, ready to create a future which brings peace and harmony? Looking into the global politics it does not look like it. Non the less, in the individual mind something is stirring. A feeling that we had enough of abuse and misuse. Enough of false information, enough of dogma, tricky laws and mind control. Each person has the ability to think and feel. As long as we breath we have a chance to change.

Can we change the world? Definitely not if we try to change systems or others. It only works if we start to change ourselves, to make changes in our lives and behaviour and start to listen to our feelings more than our programmed and rational mind. At one point we start to reprogram the mind, based on our feelings and experience and not based on what others tell us to belief. This is the freedom we have and can apply in our daily life.


It is possible to awaken one’s creativity (again) and consciously work with the feelings we have. Each person has a conscience for guidance and knows every thing he or she needs to know if we hold still for a moment and allow it to surface again and trust in our inner knowledge and intuition.

Namaste, Katharina

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5 comments on “Full Moon 11 Feb 17: What you resist persists, what you look at disappears!

  1. Excellent wisdom.

    From: Skyview Astrology To: tavetaonline@yahoo.com

  2. Thank you…when we change ourselves,we will change the world!(i use this line in one of my new songs!)Also i have been a Kali worshipper for 20 years and SO much has been stripped away and still is!And yes v true about medicine only treating the symptoms,which is ok but we need to get at the cause…again,all is within!And lets hope the Jupiter/Uranus opposition really does start to clear the card decks of illusion in the world!Much love:)

    • Yes, unfortunately people confuse medical treatment with healing! It can’t happen this way, if you look at statistics and the symptoms that become more and more with age, then it’s quite obvious. If medicinal treatment would be healing, then there would be no more symptoms. Well, it happens sometimes that people also heal… and often belief it was the medicine.
      Every crack in the wall of limited consciousness is good, I’m sure this Uranus/Jupiter opp will create another crack! Lots of love!

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