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Last step preparation for the final shift

Last step preparation for the final shift

Dark Moon Reading 4 Dec 21 By Katharina Bless This dark moon in Scorpio brings a triple conjunction with Moon, Sun and Mercury. It is the the ascending moon cycle reaching the full moon with the glorious entry of Jupiter into Aquarius. This is an epic time and we have to be prepared not for […]

Dark Moon Reading 4 November 2021

Dark Moon Reading 4 November 2021

We are close to the end of the tunnel By Katharina Bless The Sun/Moon conjunction in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Aries. This shows the trigger of some emotional explosion and even old conflicts might surface that have been dormant for years, but never resolved. One of the major issues is indicated by […]

<strong>Dark</strong><strong> </strong><strong>M</strong><strong>oon </strong><strong>Reading </strong><strong>6 Oct</strong><strong> </strong><strong>2</strong><strong>1</strong>

Dark Moon Reading 6 Oct 21

The quiet before the storm! By Katharina Bless For this Dark Moon we have Mars in conjunction with the Sun and the moon in Virgo and a still retrograde Mercury also near by in a less close conjunction with the whole in opposition to retrograde Chiron. As you can see on the chart, there are […]

Dark Moon Reading 7 September ’21

Finding the “Life-Lineage” By Katharina Bless In this chart we can see the benevolent aspects (blue) and the trine from the sun/moon conjunction goes to Uranus. Now this is the kick-off for the revolution from “we, the people” that is like a stampede through the world. This will cause a lot of cognitive dissonance, anger […]

Dark Moon Reading 10 July 21

The Mirror of the True Self By Katharina Bless With this Moon/Sun conjunction we find a trine to retrograde Neptune and a one-and-a-half square to ret. Jupiter. And another one-and-a-half square is connecting Mercury to ret. Saturn. These karmic aspects will bring a lot of changes and push humanity to look into the mirror! That […]