Take back your Power!

Full Moon Reading 7 March 23 by Katharina Bless
Time to take back your power!

This is a reading with the real star constellations, an accurate analyze of what is happening in the world right now. The stars reflect the quality of time and that can only be seen in the REAL star constellations!

Here the video on my new Rumble channel, please support me there:

For those new to my readings, please check out the latest Introduction because it is quite different from the Western/Tropical Astrology and my previous reading in my blog page:

A guide to Life’s Pilgrimage and the Soul’s Path of Evolution

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2 comments on “Take back your Power!

  1. I want you to know that I look forward to all your posts!
    While listening to you today, I once again, felt deep appreciation for your “Pearls of Wisdom!”. Something you do for me, is acknowledge thoughts and insights I have. It is like you are my mirror to reflect back the truth of the now, it is empowering – you are a guiding light for us all…., thank you Dear One! With much love, Lori

    • Dear Lori, I am very happy to hear that and if I can reflect back your truth, it is the truth of many more.
      Thank you very much for your feed back.
      I send you lots of love and blessings, Katharina

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