Full Moon reading 12 Aug 2022

SkyView Astrology: Full Moon reading 12 Aug 2022
Turn inwards and stop giving your power away!
By Katharina Bless

In my reading I mentioned the time of the retrograde planets and I cc it here:
Jupiter until 25 Nov
Saturn until 24 Oct
Chiron until 25 Dec
Uranus from 26 Aug until 24.Jan 23
Neptune: until 5 Dec
Pluto until 10 Oct
and then we have Mercury 11 Sept until 2 Oct and 30 Dec until 19 Jan 23
Mars 1 Nov until 13 Jan 23

and here the link to the video in my Brighteon Video channel (you never know when YT decides to delete a channel): https://www.brighteon.com/824328dc-35b1-4a84-a37a-10f7b00f3e3f

As also mentioned in the video, I would be ready to offer a on line workshop for SkyView Astrology. starting in October. If someone is interested, please contact me at katharinabless at gmail.com

This is a reading with the real star constellations. For those new to my moon readings, please check out the latest Introduction because it is quite different from the Western/Tropical Astrology and my previous reading in my blog page:

A guide to Life’s Pilgrimage and the Soul’s Path of Evolution

Here the update for the Uranus – Mars – Node conjunction I mentioned in my reading: I posted the charts in both of my blogs for your reference https://skyviewastrology.wordpress.com

You can contact me at:
Telegram: Silver Dove Group https://t.me/joinchat/R-WDl0W6mqMGFiAz
My Posts only Pearls of Wisdom: https://t.me/+FSEkGVEsmdkwYjk1
or contact me @KatharinaBless

Blog Page: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SilverDove

If you want to send an email, use my full name (katharinabless) at gmail.com

3 comments on “Full Moon reading 12 Aug 2022

  1. Thank you Katharina, just listen to ‘New Age Spirituality’. Another great teaching.
    I’ve also notice the ramping up of “the big sales pitch” from ‘teachers’ I’ve followed. Especially magnified under covid-BS. Seems manufactured by the elements who desire to control humanity to de-rail the ongoing Evolution of Human Consciousness. But it’s too late for that now. As you said, the shift happened already in 1986-7. On an etheric level it is done. It’s just downloading now from the etheric level to the 3-D level

  2. Thank you Nina! You might be interested in the video I posted yesterday…. a real “hot” topic. I have decided not to hold back anymore and expose what ever I can and also post back up for each video on my Brighteon channel. Just uploading now….

  3. Wonderful and hopeful reading Katharina. Thank you. I’ve shared with several friends. And hope to take your class with you in October. Please let me know the dates when you have them.
    Thank you, Nina

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