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Quarter Moon: ascending half moon in Virgo

by Katharina Bless

Today we have a Quarter Moon – or half moon constellation of the ascending moon. If we refer to it as Quarter Moon it means that it is one connected to the square sun/moon because it represents a quarter of the moon revolution.

The moon in Virgo with the square to the sun also connects with another square to Pluto. It also has a Yod aspect, a so called “finger of God” aspect that is pointing towards Neptune and connects with the Mars/Venus conjunction in Leo.

Fife planets are retrograde, and we have an opportunity to search for the truth inside of us, expand our perception and delete our programs.

This morning when I was finished with the “early morning scores” I laid on my bed again, I usually have another 15-20 min before my staff arrives, and use this time for a meditation or contemplation.

Before I even had a look at this chart and saw the topic, I did what is requested…. I like it when I am attuned to the time quality!

I imagined my brain and then the picture of a “Delete” button on the keyboard come up and I imagined situations of insecurity, fear, anger etc. and hit the delete button… to my surprise a little window opened up and asked: “are you sure you want delete this program” and a choice of yes and no.

This was fun and I did hit delete for several programs that I feel are not yet released completely

After this little exercise I felt really good.

With the not personal planets retrograde (except Uranus) there is a request that we prepare ourselves for the time those planets will turn direct again and resolve the resistance and release harmful patters.

Looking at the Yod it gives us the key of what is the most important thing to look at and it is a powerful key if one understands!

Moon in Virgo represents the experience we have and also hints that we should look at our emotions that are created through programming. We are supposed to be happy if we use a certain product for example and then when we buy it and use it, we might feel satisfaction but we realize that this product is not making us happy. If we experience something that is nice or blissful, or something that is sad, it triggers certain emotions and they already are a program.

The quincunx points towards retrograde Neptune, which is the total collapse of the construct of this pattern. Now if we are programmed to believe that if someone looses a job is a disaster, then we are sad. If we realize that this person has created the situation him/herself because it’s time to leave and s/he didn’t have yet the courage to quit the job, our spirit guides arrange a situation that takes care of it.

The other end of the Yod with Venus/Mars in Leo also shows a clear topic: the gender chaos that is raging in the moment out there, beside all the other chaos, in the whole world! We are born in a gender and meant to have a human experience in this gender, the base of polarity. If you now add many different aspects (that I personally don’t understand because the are very superficial) that are now coming up about very mundane stuff like toilets for man and women, it is so sick that it makes me nearly throw up!

We have to look at our body as a precious gift and not, with very primitive human intervention to change the gender etc., change it to something we can’t reverse and not live up to our karmic human task.

The problem of feeling more like a man for a woman and vice versa comes from past life experiences. Many women today have been man many life times and come to balance this to experience the other gender to complete the balance for ascension. Same with man feeling like a women …

Our task is to understand both, to live up to the challenge of the experience and comprehend that our soul has no gender at all. It is part of our human life and we are to balance it that yin/yang are closely balanced. To be a woman or a man gives you a different experience that you have chosen to balance your karma.

The most crucial thing to understand is that we have exactly what we need to experience within and without. If you have a male or female body, the challenge is to learn to understand it and if you chose to change the gender also to understand that you will never be a “real” woman/man. It is normal to love man and women, love is not connected to a gender. Many people around us also have been maybe another gender in a past life when we were together and have changed. So where ever you feel love and attraction you go with joy and feel the love.
But be careful with the traps that are laid out to fall into a dark abyss of of addictions and cravings that might end up with all kind of drugs that will disconnect you with your Divine Source.

Neptune now gives us a great chance to dissolve and delete the programs of a 3D human experience and move on with a better understanding of life itself.

Namaste, Katharina



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For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).

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