Full Moon Reading 24 June 2021

There is a big crack in the Dam!

By Katharina Bless


The moon in Sagittarius is in opposition to the Sun in Gemini. Mercury has turned direct again and we can see the flood of info coming in. A lot of “leaks” are all cracking open in the rigid walls of the hidden agenda and even if the mainstream is now reporting some things that can’t be hidden anymore. The political scene is a disaster (as you can easily see in MSM) and there are more and more people starting to checking alternative media.. Therefore the “hell is getting hotter” for those who try to hide what is really happening.

It looks like the dam has cracked for the media disclosure, this is one huge step forward!

There is an interesting triangle with the Moon/Sun opposition with a trine from the Sun and a sextile from the Moon to ret Jupiter in Aquarius. This is a clear indication that only if a human being is able to break the wall of believes – habits – brainwash first within, then they suddenly will see it all.

The opposition from Mars/Cancer to ret Saturn/Capricorn and Venus/Cancer to ret Pluto/Sagittarius are so powerful confrontation helpers and give a unique opportunity to an individual break through. The resistance is also shown in the square from Uranus/Aries to Saturn and the quintile from Uranus shows that we have to get active and do some research.

So many gifts are here for those who are ready to expand their horizon on many levels and move into the benevolent timeline. Also a gift of healing and one of peace.

With all the disclosure and the cases that are now coming to the public attention, like the cases of the 4 pilots that died in the UK and much more, can’t be hidden, too many personal cases involved and people talk.

As long as something is anonymous, people don’t get it. We are so much used to horrible images of wars and bloody scenes from the past decades, that we had to shut down our feelings to not get overwhelmed. We didn’t know these people, and even if we felt sorry for them, they have been “the enemy”, hence it was not that bad. But now it’s “us” and not “the others” and that is stirring more emotions.

What if…. there is really something going on against “us” and not just the others? What if there is a real threat?

During this transit of Mercury through Gemini there will be a tidal wave of information reaching much more people than only the “conspiracy theorists” from the past. Since all of these are not theories and not conspiracy but fact, they can’t be hidden anymore. Many great souls did diligent work on publishing their knowledge, working a lot of time with no pay (even paid themselves to be able to do it) and no acknowledgments to get the info out is coming to fruition.

The total break through is coming closer and closer and we better get ready for changes. Even if the whole Plan is delayed, and there were some powerful “break-through energies” before, the people were not ready and could not see it. The brainwash was so deep that the sleepers could not be disturbed and wake up.

This chart shows that now a lot of things are being activated within every human being and each one that takes up the response-ability to do something, will be one more to help that we reach the required light for the total break through.

Those who are not waking up now, will not wake up in this cycle and move forward on another 3D timeline until they are ready to graduate

Just before I finished this writing, I received got the info from a friend from the highlands of Peru about a friend who died. I have made an image so I don’t have to write certain words….

As you can see, now a lot is shifting. It is important that you understand that it not “the others” who do it for you, you have to do it yourself! Those who are not standing up and taking back their power and responsibility won’t graduate.

Many blessings,



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4 comments on “Full Moon Reading 24 June 2021

  1. Dear Katharina,
    I’m amazed and very happy to read what you have posted here.

    Your paragraph saying that ‘a lot of things are being activated within every human being’ and especially that each person needs to ‘take up the response-ability to do something’ so that collectively ‘we reach the required light for the total breakthrough’ is so extraordinary.

    There comes a time when you find yourself making a move – overcoming all those obstructive ideas of unworthiness, anxiety, lack of guidance from outside and so on – and simply standing tall and acting.

    We’ve been preparing for this for a life time.

    This is it.

    Reach up and switch on the frequency-enhanced beginning.

    Click It’s done

    Helen J.

    • Thanks Helen,
      yes, this is what it is. If we are not standing up we loose every thing…. much more than people can imagine now….
      Sending many blessings, Katharina

  2. Thank you,let’s see what flows through the cracks in the crumbling wall of lies!Great info about the Ivormectin and such a tragic story,so many lives wasted..for what?It makes me mad!Also did u hear Rosa Koire such a heroine of our times died!I am very suspicious!:( RIP to her.

    • There are so many tragical stories now, I get many every day… We do what we can, each in his/her own way!
      I have to check about Rosa Koire… not heard that yet
      Thanks Marco!

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