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Creative VS Reactive

Update 23 May 21 by Katharina Bless

it is quiet in the moment, the energies are giving us a break to integrate. In this stillness we can find Illumination. The moment these spikes are happening, the whole world is in a state of high tension.

The moment it calms down a bit, then we have time to integrate. It’s like in the darkness when the air is filled with negative ions, we can rest and absorb and also get ready to release what is not ours anymore. This is a reason why it is not good to keep lights on in the night because light emits positive ions. If we have too much positive ions we can’t relax and that affects the whole body and especially our nervous system.

In this time now where disclosure is starting and the most troubling info is coming to the surface, we need to be strong to be able to live with it.

We are all here because we have chosen to experience this time of the great shift and non of us has experienced this before. Now we are at loss because we are usually re-acting to every thing. The program is scanning the situation and gives us instructions how to react. This limits our freedom if we are constant in a situation of reaction and the situation keeps us prisoner.

Find some quietness, go somewhere where you can sit in the evening without light and breath in the negative ions of the darkness. You will see that is very inspiring. Suddenly a flood of creative ideas (not reactive) will be available and if you go into a state of quietness, many questions will be answered.

The word creative and reactive have the same letters… it’s just the “c” that is in a different place… it’s all about how you “c” (see) something!

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and one more thing: check this out: Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx’d


One comment on “Creative VS Reactive

  1. So true, the time of quite and deeper inner peace and unconditional love to emerge.
    Time dissolving past and centering oneself in 5D ascension alignment of Divine Being.

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