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1st Quarter Moon 19 May 21

Update 19 May 21 by Katharina Bless

First Quarter Moon

today I will publish the “buy me a coffee” update and send it also to you. I have started a site there and offer 3-4 updates a week with different tools that I work with like Oracles, cards, symbols etc. Please have a look at my new site!
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Today is the first quarter moon and this is always a moment of tension because the moon is in a square to the sun. That means that something can surface in your mind that triggers emotions in one way or another.

With Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo, we can see a confrontation with our moving forward in life. The Moon is in opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius, so the Issue here is to expand our understanding of what is “ours” and what is not.

A very important factor in this transition is that we have to understand the concept of “being all one” and at the same time a unique human being. How does that fit together?

If we replace the word for the Divine creator with LIFE, then it is more easy for our mind to comprehend, since we are all part of life. This constellation shows that a new comprehension is required and we are all confronted with it. We are asked to be less separated from the whole while still in the physical form as an individual.

If you meditate you learn how to tap into the consciousness of your own higher Self, but at the same time you will receive input and images from others. When you thing a thought or do something, it is as an energy form available immediately for every one who can tap into this energy.

We can only tap into energy, thoughts and pattern that are close to our own vibration and therefore if we expand our ability to be, to be in a state of neutral receptivity, we have a chance to find answers to all questions.

To give you a practical sample: I was in the situation that I had to supervise construction. Even the fact that I was brought up in a metal construction family, did not help me much with certain problems. So I told the workers I will draw it up for them the next day. I asked the questions I needed answers for the next day and went to bed. In the morning I sat down with a piece of paper and saw in my head what I had to draw … it was clear and so I could surprise the workers a couple times with my “expertise” and gain their respect and trust.

Now it is time that you cognize this possibility and start to connect beyond the personal knowledge and trust the “input” that is available to you.


One comment on “1st Quarter Moon 19 May 21

  1. Thank you a very useful interim reading,will see what comes through!;)

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