Full Moon Reading 2 September 2020 – Do you see Chaos???

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Full Moon Reading 2 September 2020

Do you see Chaos???

by Katharina Bless

This Full Moon is exactly at the AC-DC axis of the London (UK) chart. And it is chaos… do you see chaos in the world? Well… you get it. London represents the division line between east and west. The division/separation consciousness is deeply ingrained and we can say that there is the “center” of this way of thinking. What is happening in the world now has more or less started in this zone of division.

There are 6 planets retrograde – luckily not Mercury too yet – and it seems like every thing is falling apart.

It is and there is no way the old is coming back! Which we can be very grateful for that this slave system finally will end. But this birth of the new time is not easy, one reason is because so many people are totally ignorant and don’t even try to catch up what is going on, dig a bit deeper than just have the mainstream media on.

Here where I live it’s unbelievable how you can say “ignorance is bliss”. Since people have food and even if the tourist industry is totally collapsed, many just go back home to the country side and live with the parents again, happy if they have their daily rice. The good aspect about this is they are not in fear energy. Maybe some anger and frustration, but here is not so much fear like in some other countries.

All the demonstrations going on are so clearly visible in this chart and when I look at the charts for certain places where the demonstration are, I can see it very clear.

But with all this retrograde energy the chaos prevails and we can only find peace within.

Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius represent the conflict between ego and Self. It is very difficult for people to understand what is really going on and those that are awake are still branded as conspiracy theorists.

Like I wrote several times before, if you move house, every thing has to be opened up and sorted out, cleaned and put to the pile “to go” or “trash”. We still have to many attachments connected to the fear of the unknown. We have not learned to trust and for good reasons. Our ruling elite has not had our interest in mind and what was happening was not fair for the people, but just the few who have every thing already.

My computer died on my a few days ago and I have the new computer ready here, but not the courage yet to start it up…. After 6 years working with my old one, to adjust to a new one is …… phuuuu….. just not what I really want now! I’m sure in a month or so I have learned to handle all the new updates! I realize that it’s not the same anymore like 20 years ago when I was very excited about updates. Just what I need to remain flexible probably….

Most people feel overwhelmed and at one point have to surrender, “give up” the resistance and expectation of having a “norm-al” life again. What is happening is important and a friend asked me a few days ago about the photon belt.

This is a good question at the moment, because from the point of view of our central sun, we have moved into the photon belt, like our sun system is doing on a regular base every 12000+ years. It started some 40 years ago when we were in the belt a few month, spiraled in and out in a transition period and now we are fully in this photon energy. This is also to a great part responsible for the climate change and what is happening now.

Since our solar system has moved into this light particle belt, the rule of the “dark ones” can’t continue, the dark night is over. But nobody wants to hand over the reigns… so this is what we see right now.

There is nothing to worry in fact, the light will win. It just matters how an on what side you are going to be. The dark ones can’t exist here anymore in this energy. They will be moved to a place that corresponds to the lower 3D consciousness and can go on play the game again, until they are tired of it and ready to move on into a higher consciousness.

If you are ready, then start to imagine the beautiful world of your dreams. Visualize a world of peace, love, creativity and beyond any lack. Be active and help, send your love and compassion for those who are not awake and have moved to the time line into the lower frequency. Forgive and bless them and let them go. Don’t get involved anymore and let them pull you down into an energy of fear and anger.

I send you lots of love, blessings and compassion for these coming month!

Namaste,  Katharina

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4 comments on “Full Moon Reading 2 September 2020 – Do you see Chaos???

  1. Great reading and i am with it 100%!Also i especially like Lorie Ladd…also did u know that on the weekend there was a protest ‘Uniting for Freedom’ in London!40,000 people but the media reduced it to a few hundred!Some of my friends were there.

    Please accept music as my donation,feel free for a customised order:)

    Good luck with the new computer,you will be glad about the change:)

    • Thank you – we have another energy exchange since long time, but there are many that the energy exchange is not there at all. So in a way I also give them a chance to balance this.
      There were demonstrations every where in Europe, big one in Berlin too… things are moving, disclosure is coming, they can’t hide the truth much longer!
      I have not plugged in the new computer yet…. but I have to do it soon!

  2. Hallo liebe Katharina,

    gerne möchte ich dir eine kleine Spende zukommen lassen, jedoch funktioniert der PayPal.me Link in dem Post nicht….

    Mit herzlichen Grüßen

    Dominique Elmer

    Mobil: +49 (0)176 – 969 386 51

    Mobil: +41 (0)79 – 920 09 87


    • Liebe Dominique,
      vielen Dank!
      Mein Pay Pal Kto ist auf meine beiden email adressen und ich schreibe hier die eine mit Abstand, damit sie nicht kopiert werden kann
      katharinabless at gmail.com

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