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Dark Moon Reading 20 July 2020 – Transition and Transformation

**SkyView Astrology**

Dark Moon Reading 20 July 2020

The transition and transformation of humanity as a whole

by Katharina Bless

Moon/Sun conjunction on the first degree of Cancer in opposition to retrograde Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn will now trigger all our identifications and emotional attachments. This is forming an opposition from Cancer into Sagittarius, which is not a “normal” opposition and not possible in the “modern” astrology. The meaning here highlights that we have a possibility to break through, to move beyond the boundaries also on a physical level.

If we can clear our emotional attachments and go deep into the old beliefs etc. maybe even go back in our meditation into our childhood and examine our beliefs and attachments, then we can release them.

The time has come where we can’t hold on to any thing from the past anymore that was told from the authorities and we believed it because there was nothing else. We have built up our lives on these beliefs and now they fall. This image shows it very clearly and we can say that on our journey we are not in the position of the Pilar of the Major Arcane: The Tower.

Do you experience that there are moments where you don’t even know anymore who you are? What you lived for? What your goal is?  This  is good, because then you are ready to shed the old skin and be ready for the new to come. 

Now it’s time to reevaluate all the values and set them right. Is it really all about money, wealth, reputation and states symbols? What is your heart saying to this shift? Maybe you remember that in one of the previous readings I mentioned the brain cells in the heart. You can find info on that from Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and others.

It looks like this constellation is activating those brain cells in the heart and helps us to see what really has value and what is just glamour without any sustenance.

Those especially very strong in their male side (men and women) will have a more difficult time now with Mars in Pisces in conjunction with Chiron that forms a square to Mercury. Mercury is now direct and there might be immense mental fights going on. Lots of doubts and worries in this situation of the world. If you go this avenue, there is no light visible at the end of the tunnel now. This will lead you into an immense stress and probably a lot of physical symptoms.

It is a time that latent existing symptoms are flaring up and you feel tired, sick and have possible all the flue symptoms of aching muscles etc. Since this shift that we are experiencing now (most likely the major reason why you are here on the planet right now) in our physical body, we have to detox on all levels: mental, emotional and physical.

Generally the whole “staying home” thing is good for us, we have more time and rest to go through the accelerated process. The only really bad thing is the mask. It forces people to inhale the CO2 that should leave our system with all the particles that we need to get rid of. I have written about that already and also posted a blog with more information: https://skyviewastrology.wordpress.com/2020/06/07/what-are-the-consequences-of-wearing-masks-dr-almut-klausen-germany/

Make sure you wear one only in the time you really have to. What I do also is that I pull it under the nose. Nobody complained once I was in the shop…. I just had in over my nose when I entered the shop. My experience is that also those who are supposed to control that, are not exactly sure anymore about it.

If you experience symptoms not, it’s very important that you think “detox” and “activation”. These are the two keywords of what is happening. The energies an be rough, I have the image of driving on a natural road with holes….

Venus in Taurus is connected in a triangle with the Dark Moon Opposition with half and one-and-a-half squares which is another hint that we will experience physical symptoms. Think about what you eat and also how much. In the last years I have learned that I need much less food than I thought I need. One reason also was that I often am alone and don’t like to cook bit meals for one person.

Eating is a social activity in a good and bad way. If talking with friends and family, we don’t pay so much attention to the food and often eat unconscious. Eating alone, your focus is much more on the food and taste buds and you might chew better, which gives you a feeling of saturation faster and the digestion of the food is easier on the body because it is chewed with more saliva that is already part of the digestion. Did you ever hear that expression: Eat your water, drink you food? If you just gulp down the water, it just goes through your body with not so much effect as if you drink slowly and “chew” it a bit to mix it with your saliva. And if you chew your food until it’s nearly liquid, you have it all mixed up with saliva too and that is what the body needs to digest properly. We also have to question what is advertises as “good and healthy” food. That often is completely not true!

When you eat consciously, you also integrate it better. The worst scenario actually is eating in front of the TV and listen to bad news, shows that have negative subliminals or certain action movies. You then also “eat” the energy of this and spoil the good energy of the food.

Since we need to ground ourselves not to go through this process in a good way, food is very important. Also is that we get enough rest, that we have enough fresh air and spend time in nature. Did you realize that there are no more chemtrails? Much has happened already and if you pay attention you will discover much more positive changes.

The game is on. There is nothing the controllers can do now to change the outcome. The shift that we are experiencing now is the transition and transformation of humanity as a whole. There are many star seed here to support that process, but they too had to go through the process of erasing the memories of who they are and have to go through the whole process. But many are awake already and consciously work on educating people and be torch bearers for many.

The Tantric Dakini Reading looks like this: first the tower again, shooting eyes out of the house that is burning, that indicates that we can’t see any  thing with “old eyes” anymore, then the tidal wave that washes every thing away. The next card shows a new world emerging on the horizon and all of the old world is just skull and bones (!) which leads us the the heart based life and society. 

One cycle is completing to start the new one. The transition is completed very soon!


and here some recommended videos:

Here a very important video: Dr offers $5000 for proof that the CV19 exists:

Nyla’s latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B01gtLDuMI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWbchB_9nVE

THis was sent to me by a friend just this morning… wow… this is disclosure and totally confirms what Nyla has to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DonX1XtHlaA&feature=youtu.be

5 Min The Fall of The Republic is The Rise of The Corporation. Wake Up!

Check this out… you need only watch 10 min, she is repeating herself many times, probably important for those who never heard about anything… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=173&v=oMGX5T7yqzU&feature=emb_logo and this message for the star seeds… just listen to the first part and jump a bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z69zMDCoJBM

Do you know Judi Satori? She is speaking light language and has created a free series of 6 videos for the transition that is happening now. If you resonate with something like this, I recommend that you start with the first video and give yourself time before watching the nest… once a week….


Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

To book a private reading, or learn this method of SkyView Astrology, please contact Katharina directly by email.

**SkyView Astrology (outer circle) works with the real star-constellations. Western/Tropical Astrology (inner circle) has nothing to do with the stars anymore and their 1˚ Aries is 28˚ apart from the true star constellations, the Vedic/Indian system is 6˚ degrees different.

SkyView Astrology does not tell you who you are, but shows the time quality and blueprint/road-map of one’s life. It also is no fortune telling tool and can’t predict the future since you have the innate ability to co-create your life within the curriculum you have chosen for this incarnation. Once you know how, you can change your life and time line.

The Western Astrology has nothing to do with the star constellations, but is a method to show how the sun moves trough the season, which makes a certain sense in the northern hemisphere, but doesn’t make any sense near and below the equator in the southern hemisphere. The sun represents out consciousness and not the “persona”

For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25° / April 18; Taurus: 36° / May 13, Gemini: 28° / June 21; Cancer: 20° / July 20; Leo: 36° / Aug 10; Virgo: 44° / Sept 16; Libra: 23° / Oct 30; Scorpio: 25° / Nov 23; Sagittarius: 33° / Dec 17; Capricorn: 28° / Jan 20; Aquarius: 25° / Feb 16; Pisces: 37° / March 11

The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).

Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power” book one and two and “The Secret of the Abundance Box”. She lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand. If you are interested to have a personal reading or life coaching, you find the contact info here: http://www.somaretreatcenter.com/contact-us.html

One comment on “Dark Moon Reading 20 July 2020 – Transition and Transformation

  1. Yes transition and transformation…thats a sun/moon conjunction opposite Saturn/Pluto /Jupiter stellium!…next few weeks should be even more interesting then!I watched some Amazing Polly vid,sick as the info is it needs fo come out and this needs to stop!Maybe brain cells in the heart will help!Also that card reading is definitely showing clearly this process,amazing!Roll on change for the better!:)

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