What are the consequences of wearing masks – Dr. Almut Clausen, Germany

What are the consequences of wearing masks
Dr. Almut Clausen, Germany

Since 30 years Dr. Almut Clausen was teaching workshops in her “school of breath” in Switzerland and Germany to reduce stress and burn out. She is now 75 years old and retired in Germany – still active and working, she just released her latest book: “The end of the Tunnel” a couple weeks ago.

She is explaining the effect of masks that we are supposed to wear now. This is a short summary of her speech that I received from her personally. She is a friend of mine and was here in Chiang Rai teaching a workshop in 2010 in my former Soma Center. The original talk is in German and I translate for you a summary. Please spread it far and wide to wake up people! Katharina Bless


There are two ways how we breath: conscious and unconscious. When we sleep or are not conscious, there is a mechanism in our body that regulates our breath. But we are also capable of influencing our breath, breathing consciously to achieve certain results. (this is what she is teaching in her workshops)

Generally, we breath in, the oxygen is transported to our blood, which in return releases CO2 that we breath out. Our normal breathing we need the balance so our blood is nourished, our brain has enough oxygen to function properly regulate all our body’s needs to operate normally in our daily lives.

Now, if we have too much CO2 in our body, we breath more intense to release the “too much” and bring in fresh Oxygen. If you breath in very long without breathing out, you feel that enormous pressure that will force you to breath out again. Only harmony and balance guarantee a healthy life.

Through our breath, we are in a constant exchange with the world, breathing out the CO2 and inhaling new Oxygen. The CO2 that we breath out is needed by all the plants who “breath in CO2” to produce the green life we need, the food we eat and in exchange, they produce new Oxygen, that we breath in again. This is an absolute perfect harmonious cycle that keeps us and every thing around us alive.

It is crucial for all life on earth that this balance is maintained.

What happens if we wear a mask: first of all we can’t see the face and we can’t see the body language to discriminate if someone is honest to us or not. The mind represents about 30% of our interactions and the emotional/physical body about 70%. The mind is the only “organ” that can lie. The body can’t lie! We can see in the body language what is really true and what is not.

Therefore, people wearing a mask, people can hide themselves behind it, which is literally killing the social interaction.

Now we come to the even much more grave part of wearing a mask: the balance of oxygen and CO2 is disturbed.

We breath out the CO2 and if we wear a mask, which should be very compacted that the bad little viruses can’t reach us, so we breath in more CO2 again and less oxygen. We breath in the waste and not enough oxygen.

Was does that do to us? The brain starts to suffer from lack of oxygen and people are tired, unfocused and weak. It is possible that this way of breathing brings mutated virus directly into our brain. This brings another big problem!

Regrettable, those who have to wear a mask from morning to evening, due to their job, are the onces who might endure most and in the long term even suffer greater, irreversible damage.

The “bad” CO2 causes as a greenhouse gas and we have to do every thing to reduce this CO2, but now wearing a mask we are forced to breath in this CO2 again. How stupid is that??

I seriously ask myself, when do people realize this insanity?


Charlie Brown: the only weapon to end this mess is a healthy common sense!

And Snoopy replies:  we are lost, most of us are unarmed.

This below is the image with the Text in German.


In the beginning of this flue season, we were not required to wear masks. The incubation time of 2 weeks was not important and as many medical doctors already proven, the test are not accurate and relevant.

Now at the end of the flue season, when statistics clearly show the decline, we are forced to wear masks. It is in my understanding that this is all about fear mongering and with fear and anxiety our breath becomes slow and silent. And so people also become slow and silent….

4 comments on “What are the consequences of wearing masks – Dr. Almut Clausen, Germany

  1. […] Generally the whole “staying home” thing is good for us, we have more time and rest to go through the accelerated process. The only really bad thing is the mask. It forces people to inhale the CO2 that should leave our system with all the particles that we need to get rid of. I have written about that already and also posted a blog with more information: https://skyviewastrology.wordpress.com/2020/06/07/what-are-the-consequences-of-wearing-masks-dr-almu… […]

  2. Excellent article thanks,i would like to share if possible.

    • yes, please copy/paste and share as much as you can, the more people know. the better it is. So much damage can be avoided. I knew about this but I’m not a scientist that’s why I held back. I never wear a mask just for the half hour when I need to shop. I have learned to buy most things on line that I don’t need to go out….

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