Full Moon 12 December 2019 – We are moving into a new world, changes are mandatory!

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Full Moon 12 December 2019

We are moving into a new world, changes are mandatory!

by Katharina Bless

This is the last Full Moon this year, and it brings a kind of a nostalgic feeling with it, another energy of letting go and transformation which will help to start the manifestation of something new. We can’t rest within “old habits” and repeat the pattern of the past all the time. It is the time quality that changes and does not allow it anymore.

You can compare it to the seasons, in winter you don’t do the same things as in summer. You wear different cloth, are involved in different activities and the daily rhythm is different. Even the day and night hours are different, unless you are near the equator.

Here we have now an extreme cold month with temperatures down to 4° Celsius in the lower regions, in town 8° In the mountains it’s below 0° and we don’t have houses with heaters in the north of Thailand. People tell me that it never was so cold like that. A couple years ago it was also very cold, but “only” 8° here. And I heard about global warming….. ???

Every thing is connected to rhythms and cycles. Our earth is never standing still but a moving part of the cosmic forces and “seasons”. I don’t think that human beings will be powerful enough to change that. I would definitely say that what ever is so vociferously promoted in the media, is probably not what is happening. Most of the time it seems that those headlines are just to distract us from the real thing that happening behind the curtains of the global stage. If you dig a bit deeper and look at the small paragraphs, you have a chance to find out what is really happening.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is happening every about 33-38 years and we can compare it to a global Saturn Return. It is a very potent energy that involves the whole planet and will be a dominant constellation for the coming year 2020. Saturn is the “ruler” of time and structure. He is a celestial engineer and chronographer, measuring time. If you see images of Saturn, you see the most beautiful structures and sophisticated system of rings and moons. Saturn is the expression of duality, the ruler of our world and perception. He is the gatekeeper of the 7 classical planets that are “holding” our life in the 3rd dimension, which we can say is a school for evolution of the souls incarnated.

Pluto, as the one of the outer planets which is connected to karma, is bringing the quality of implosions, bringing the structures of Saturn down. All structures have a beginning and an end! Nothing ever stand still for ever Matter is energy and also moves, even if the movement is very slow, maybe even not visible for a long time, a generation or several generations.

Since this conjunction is in Sagittarius, this implosion is connected to our old paradigm and the understanding of duality. We are moving into a consciousness beyond duality, an understanding of what unity really is. Every individual who is ready to let go of the rigid programs of society and the beliefs of religion, can reach the unity consciousness.

We are still living in a construct of polarity, since we need to be able to discriminate and won’t swim in a sea of indistinguishableness. We are moving into a very special time. It is mandatory to changes long as consciousness exists, we can differentiate and therefore live in polarity. It is important to know that this has nothing to do with good and bad! But it’s about experience, adventure and evolution. If we live in a consciousness of love, grace and benevolence, we can create a paradise.

The prerequisite it to let go of judgement! Sagittarius is the sign where we move beyond! To that which is present in the here and now. To that which is not contaminated with judgement and old programs. Beyond every thing that is known and visible with our “old” glasses. If you take them off it might look scary, because it is not predictable. That means that its not a program based on our old experience and often our fear.

We are moving into a very special time. It is mandatory to change, nobody can remain the same in the same old world. This old world does not exist anymore, it is fading away.

Since Venus is part of the triple conjunction, we can see the topic as the paradigm shift happening, the separation of the time lines. Those who move with the energy of Venus will let go the old constructs, rules and fears and move into the consciousness of love.

This conjunction in Sagittarius is in the Tropical Astrology interpreted in Capricorn. This is a huge difference and looks much more dire. In the time to come our belief also plays a major role, and things can be much easier to shift if we work with the energies and forces of Sagittarius! We create our reality with our beliefs, and most often with our fears. What I read about this constellation on line interpreted in the Tropical way is very much fear induced. I mentioned several times before that the Western/Tropical Astrology is more connected to the Ego and not to the journey of the soul. Maybe this is also time to let go of that old construct and fixated image of a constellation that was in the sky ~ 2000 years ago. (you can read more about this in the “home” page)

If we understand that change is mandatory, that we can use this change, our creativity can materialize new things. If we follow Venus, the consciousness of love, the changes will affect many that are part or our family, extended family, our environment and last but not least: we have an effect on the hologram which the “whole”.

Since many years there is this “end time” talk everywhere. Many images include very dire events and destruction of the planet. Since every thing is perception and energy, I believe that we will experience it according to our personal belief. There is positive and negative in our lives, and that will not change as long as we are “bodies” and can perceive differences. We exist within a perception of polarity and only can “see” and recognize something, because of our differentiations. We define yellow in a spectrum of colours and also name others red, blue etc. so we have a common understanding of how things are. We can use this perception and understanding in a positive or negative way, active or passive. What makes our life so difficult is the judgement that polarity means “good and bad”.

To step out of this vicious cycle, we need to come with all that we are into the hear and now. It would be a great help to listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza, who explains the functions of our brain and how we can change our lives if we understand how habits are created. I will put a link at the bottom of the reading to share a video from him at Gaia.

Right now, with Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, we are reminded again to let go of old stuff to be able to experience something new. To be able to do that, you need to focus on the here and now to be able to see what you want. If you are overwhelmed by the past experiences and fear of the future, because your past is the program that defines your future, then there is no chance to create something new.

If you stop that carousel and sit quietly for a while (you might call this meditation) and focus on what your really want, then you are able to create it. But to plant a new garden, you need to get rid of the old plants first… dig and get out the roots so you can plant something new.

Jupiter will help you to be excited about new projects, will open doors for you and all you have to do is go through them to find new opportunities. Nothing ever is hopeless if we are willing to move forward.


It would well be worth to sign up for a month at Gaia.com to watch all the 12 episodes of “Revired” by Dr. Joe Dispenza that are already there, it could seriously change your life! This free link an be watched only 24 hour when the first person clicks on it. But there are also many You Tube films from him.


And another recommendation of a film that I belief to be crucial to understand now is the following (on You Tube and free) from Claire Edwards. I tried to add the link, but it is blocked here! (one more reason to know for sure how important this topic is!)
You can go to You Tube and search for her at:

British/Irish CLAIRE EDWARDS is a former United Nations editor and gave trainings at the United Nations in intercultural writing. She is an author, teacher and international speaker. She has a degree in French Language and Literature and a master’s degree in Intercultural Competence. While working at the UN, for many years she edited all the documents of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and its Legal, and Scientific and Technical subcommittees (such that she is familiar with space law and the particular issues of concern regarding use of the space orbits).



2 comments on “Full Moon 12 December 2019 – We are moving into a new world, changes are mandatory!

  1. Thank you and thanks for the links,yes i plan to check Mr Dispenza v soon!I watched another great interview,which for me is one of the best things ive evef watched re. joining all the dots of tge plan for humanity which must of course be stopped!I will send you the link in an email,doubtless it wouldnt post here like the other one!:(Speak soon,much love and gratitude for the readings esp that the Saturn/Pluto conj is in Sag reminder!;)

    • I just got a feed back from a friend and he said that to watch the videos from Dr. Joe Dispenza had already an impact on his life for the better 😉
      And yes, it’s a huge difference for this conjunction Saturn/Pluto to be in Sagittarius and not in Capricorn!

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