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Dark Moon 30 Aug 2019 – A ring of fire, a time of break through!

please read this reading here:



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One comment on “Dark Moon 30 Aug 2019 – A ring of fire, a time of break through!

  1. Wow very fiery chart when seen thru the true eyes of skyview,otherwise it would just be very Earthy!I can feel that fire and the trines to Uranus bringing us revolutionary transformative energy and power!I have been watching the talks on the summit,i can only manage one a day but that has been over 5 hours of extremely powerful info,delivered by truly inspired and inspiring individuals,giving not just practical knowledge but spiritual wisdom,absolutely fantastic to know such a wonderful group of people are with us!My only frustration has been that so few of my close friends and family are willing to even listen and/or take any of it on board!How anyone could not be convinced of this dark agenda and its solutions which lie as much within as without is beyond me!All we can do is stay strongly on the path and at the same time share what we know.I am more convinced than ever and also more positive that we can make an opportunity out of this crisis!Thanks for the reading,i was getting concerned yesterday when i didnt see it.Its funny because the last reading you called ‘take back you power’ and Josh Del Sol(amazing brother!)has that as the name of his website etc enjoy the firey,healing sun(Sol!).

    And thanks again for letting me know about the summit,it has been a true eyeopener and inspiration!

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