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Full Moon 30 April 2018 ~ A highlight of break through energy

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 30 April 2018

 A highlight of break through energy

by Katharina Bless

Uranus has moved into Aries on the 26th, and on the same things really started to shift! Also in my personal life and family a few things happened, that I foresaw, but was hesitant to believe because it was such a long stretch. I got a couple orders for the Orgone/Tesla products and for a big project suddenly really interested investors showed up “out of the blue” and called the contact person just the day after Uranus entered Aries. Therefore I guess the time blockage is now broken and many projects that have been on hold will take off, as far they are in service of humanity.

This full moon is a highlight of break through energy in two ways. As mentioned, the projects serving humanity will start to take off, the consciousness shift in humanity has awakened a strong focus on benevolent techniques and development benefiting humans and nature. Projects of free and alternative energy, healing and living will take off. It’s time so let go of the old ways of doing things, they definitely don’t work anymore.

Then at the same time there is a huge destruction of the old paradigm projects, old structures are falling and it might be a good comparison to the fall of the Berlin “iron curtain” in 1990 when suddenly the east and west came together again. As in this time, there will be some chaos to adjust and many people who were thinking that “it worked for my great grandfather, grandfather, father, why should it work for me” will experience a big disappointment. It will be like running against a wall.

The Sun in Aries will bring the power to enhance this topic massively and the Moon in Libra is making sure that we have to look at both sides of what is going on here. We are called to stand up and walk behind the old mirror to look what is on the other side. Or maybe it’s like looking into the mirror as in Michael Ende’s “Never Ending Story” at the Oracle of the south, where Andreiyu saw his true Self. (its worth to watch the movie if you don’t know it, it is telling us also the truth about who we are in a fascinating story!)

This chart has an interesting red triangle to the ascending Node, which shows the emotional confusion of people. Still, the trine from the Node to Mercury shows that there is a gift and a solution in this if we look at it. Human beings are not very willing to change and love to stick to their habits. But this is not possible anymore now and we need to “circulate energy” as Matt Kahn would say.

Jupiter is retrograde still in Libra, this is a good planning time and maybe also prepare contracts, paperwork etc to be ready for the speeding up of projects to come. It’s a good time to get advise for the last finale “polish” of things and make sure we are open to any spontaneous input or changes. Listen to your inspiration and gut feeling! When I ignore it, I always get into trouble!

Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Sagittarius and will have a strong influence on our transition into this new energy. They both are adding intensity and make sure we can’t miss it. Saturn will push the boundaries away and if you try to hold on, you are pushed too. Pluto will help to discover passion on all levels and move us into a deeper understanding of every thing, a deep reflection of what it means to be human. Maybe for the first time we might truly understand why we are here and have this human experience. It is not advisable to resist these energies, they are much stronger than we are! If we go along with them, it might cause some minor painful scratches in our ego, but not deep injuries and crisis. Fighting against it is not recommended!

The trine from Saturn to the Sun is helping that we are able to consciously visualize our future, if we hold still for a moment and use this powerful energy to indulge in daydreaming, which is the perfect state of mind to receive inspiration, we can visualize a new future. Let your dreams go wild and don’t stop when it looks like science fiction. Much of what we are shown there is in fact real. You will see in the time to come when all is being disclosed and revealed!

Maybe, with the disclosure happening and all the revealed secrets, the understanding of the money scam and the whole manipulation of humanity, many might be so shocked that they want to throw away every thing, still, be careful not to “throw out the baby with the bath”. Now it needs good and strong nerves and one of the recipe from my father was always: “take three deep breath before you decide” and this was really good advice (especially with my Sun/Uranus conjunction in my natal chart.. you might know what I mean….)

Especially for people with a personal strong Uranus constellation it will be challenging to hold back. But they will be in “their element” and enjoy the fast moving energy and the swift movements. For most people it was nearly impossible to stay calm in all the long years of waiting, releasing, clearing… again and again. Now its time to fly!

We have been many years in preparation for this and those who have looked behind the mass media and official stage, they have found a lot of information about what it going on at the highest level of those who ruled the world. How we have been taken advantage of and falsely informed. It’s time to rewrite history (his story) and maybe include her story too…., and it is good to pay attention to those who are not mainstream and not acknowledged by the mass media. A lot you can see/read in fantasy and fiction novels and films, there is more truth in it probably than in the daily news. Watch out for archaeological findings and maybe browse the internet for unusual discoveries like very old things or different sized humanoid being etc.

If you can imagine it it exists! And many old stories were passed down from generation to generation and are now categorized as legends or fairy tales. But I say: where there is smoke, there must be fire too….!

Therefore be ready for a wild ride, get a good surfboard and stand tall. Make sure you get enough rest so your nerves are strong like iron chains and pay attention what you eat. Maybe you buy some Himalayan Crystal Salt (the 250 million year old crystal Salt) to make sure you receive all the minerals you need. I take a glass of warm water every morning sober with a few drops of Himalayan Salt Brine to make sure that I’m strong. This is very powerful and gives you all the mineral you need in one go. If you are new to this, I will add a recipe below.

We have truly entered a new era. It has started in 2012 but it started subtle but the new energy flow was very pronounced. If we look back we can also see the great shift in 1986, the time of the harmonic convergence. I realized then, that suddenly it was easier to find books on metaphysic and other alternative topic and then for me things started to move faster and in 1988 I had my first computer. Maybe you have a look back and if you can see what happened, then all makes sense.

Namaste, Katharina

The Amazing Facts about Himalayan Crystal Salt
by Katharina Bless:

Himalayan Crystal Salt developed purely & naturally in caves within the Himalayan mountains over 250 million years ago as ancient primordial seas evaporated. Intense compression resulted in the complete crystalline structure of the salt which makes it a powerfully healing substance. As studies have shown Himalayan Crystal Salt…

– Has 84 minerals that are easily absorbed by the body
– Helps regulate blood pressure & pH levels in the body (raises or lowers as needed by the body)
– Acts as a natural antioxidant & detoxification
– Helps to dissolve kidney & gallbladder stones and calcium build-up in bones that is responsible for arthritis & gout
– Improves mood & sleep disorders
– Increases energy levels & libido
– Has been proven to be completely unpolluted whereas sea salt is polluted from today’s toxic oceans
– Is difficult to overdose on Himalayan Salt because your body eliminates what it doesn’t need very easily

My recommendation: use 1 teaspoon of Brine in a 200-250ccm glass of warm water and drink it sober in the morning to replenish all the minerals you need in your body.

Brine: add some Salt crystals in a glass jar and fill it with water. It will dissolve to a 26% brine, make sure you always see some crystals and if they are all dissolved, add new ones, so to make sure you have a saturated brine.

You can find the Himalayan Salt to buy now easily in many health shops and on line. Make sure you buy the real thing!

PS it also helps me to look 10 years younger than I am, as most people tell me this, even an immigration officer wrote my age 10 years younger  (-:


Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

To book a private reading, or learn this method of SkyView Astrology, please contact Katharina directly by email.


**SkyView Astrology (outer circle) works with the real star-constellations. Western/Tropical Astrology (inner circle) has nothing to do with the stars anymore and their 1˚ Aries is 28˚ apart from the true star constellations, the Vedic/Indian system is 6˚ degrees different. SkyView Astrology does not tell you who you are, but shows the blueprint/roadmap of one’s life and the time quality. It also is no fortune telling tool and can’t predict the future. The Western Astrology has nothing to do with the Stars, but is a method to show how the sun moves trough the season – which makes a certain sense in the northern hemisphere, but doesn’t make any sense bear and below the equator in the southern hemisphere – for more information go to www.silverdove.net

For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25° / April 18, Taurus: 36° / May 13, Gemini: 28° / June 21, Cancer: 20° / July 20, Leo: 36° / Aug 10, Virgo: 44° / Sept 16, Libra: 23° / Oct 30, Scorpio: 25° / Nov 23, Sagittarius: 33° / Dec 17, Capricorn: 28° / Jan 20, Aquarius: 25° / Feb 16, Pisces: 37° / March 11

The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power”  book one and two and “The Secret of the Abundance Box”. She lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

www.silverdove.net  and  http://www.somaretrats.com

One comment on “Full Moon 30 April 2018 ~ A highlight of break through energy

  1. Great reading,lets break on thru!I love how you described the disclosure in myths,fairy tales,films etc…if only people knew,the truth is right in front of their faces on all levels!And great you are turning people onto Himalyan rock salt,ive been using it for years in ALL my cooking, always felt it was v good for me ansd grounding,so its nice that you spelt out ts benefits and gave us your recipe:)Thanks for your readings they always inspire and give clarity,enjoy the Uranian energy,i too have it strong in my chart,great for breaking through!Much love:)

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