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Full Moon, 2 March 2018 ~ The dawn of a new Cosmic Day

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Full Moon, 2 March 2018
The dawn of a new cosmic day
by Katharina Bless

The Moon in Leo is in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius, which is a topic of ‘Personality VS Higher Self’. This is very timely now since there has been a massive shift after Dark Moon eclipse and Chinese New Year. We are stuck and need to readjust our whole being to the current energies and even more of our old patterns are not accurate anymore for this new frequency.

Just before this last Dark Moon my beautiful German Shepherd died and left a big empty space. She was my friend, protector and body guard and it seems empty here without her. The message is clear that I don’t need her anymore and the new energy will protect me in other ways. Even though it still hurts a lot, I know she is right and I’m happy for her that she is back were she belongs and beyond her suffering. She is actually the spirit of a Dolphin who stayed with me in the body of a dog, because otherwise she could not stay with me. Therefore it also was not so surprising that she had problems with her back legs and the last 8 month of her life slowly got paralyzed and since a few month I had to carry her. After she died, I asked my Dakini Oracle for a message and I got the “Wave of Bliss” with the image of a beautiful ocean wave. So that was clear.

Also one of the cats left and the boy cat is missing since a couple days. He might come back, it’s the season where the girls are in heat… so he might be out and despite that he is neutered, he probably still can play the game.It is difficult to let them go… and I have shed many tears in the last few weeks. This is also a way of cleansing, especially the patterns of death and dying that is only in our perception painful.

Now it’s time for a new energy and to clear up old space, go through your cloth and store room and get rid of as much as you can. I brought some big bags of cloth to a friend and it found the way to the villagers who were very happy with what they received. It’s a win-win situation here. I know that I said that before, but it’s happening in layers, like onions….

Since the Sun is in close conjunction to Neptune and three days after the full moon in exact conjunction, it is recommended to use this time for more of inner contemplation and not outer expansion. Considering that the sun will then move into Pisces, this month is quite a tricky one. Illusions seem real and things that usually might not bother at all suddenly take on a bigger dimension that usual. There is a blue moon on the 31st and this chart forms a pyramid, which indicates a shift. There is something building up here and I belief it is time again to watch the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode that is of crucial importance now. I will post the URL at the end of this mail. Remember, it is only a 48 hour window that you can watch it for free, it starts the moment someone clicks on the link.

Venus and Mercury also travel together in conjunction for this two weeks to the next Dark Moon. The have just entered Pisces and since Chiron and Uranus are in Pisces too, it feels like pulling slowly back the arrow to be able to release it when Uranus is entering Aries in April. It is more of a quiet time outside, but very active inside. Lots of patterns are triggered that still belong to the old world have have to be healed. Mercury is communicating in riddles and only with help from Venus can we resolve them: only if we see with the heart.

We are truly entering a new era and now the time has come for this final shift. The next few weeks might feel like a vacuum and it is important to be patient and make sure we don’t have lots of heavy stuff anymore around us. The coming disclosures might be very disturbing and we have to digest a lot of what has happened in the past. But it feels for me like emerging from a nightmare, a dream that was, to say the least, very unpleasant and now in the process of awakening we are still not sure if it was a dream or real. Shifting between realities. You will be more clear about what I am saying here after you watch the recommended video.

Since Mercury and Venus are moving into conjunction with Chiron and beyond in the next couple weeks, there is profound healing energy available. Healing of things we never even knew they even were in our lives… they have been hidden and one day they would have come to the surface to bother us. But now we can use the energies of Chiron to take care of such things. The best is if you create a affirmation that every thing, known or unknown, that is causing disharmony and might develop into an illness is being healed now. Then look at what is coming up and be clear that it was called forth by you! Don’t blame others or try to find a cure outside. You will receive also the intuition what to do about it.

Do you have a chance to take a holiday? If yes, go somewhere close to water. Drink lots of water and detox. I have started to take a glass of warm water with a pinch of Himalayan Crystal Salt first thing in the morning again. This is an easy and powerful detox.

Jupiter in Libra is in a beautiful trine with Venus and Mercury and supports the expansion into balance. There are many ways to support this process. Every thing what feels like balancing something, taking a bubble bath, walking in the forest, hiking up a mountain and much more. 

The half square to Saturn shows that there are still negative fear programs to delete. One of the worst thing that we had in the past is the brain wash and program that we are not good enough. It is now time to delete this program for good.
Remember: you are a God/Goddess or in other words a Divine Being having a human experience. And don’t you listen to nothing else. The core of you is Divine! It is Life and this life energy is pure and unaltered. Now we need to remember this and bring this Divinity consciously back to life and take off the mask of victim hood and the costume of poverty. Put back on the dress of creativity and start to consciously contemplate what kind of life you want. Dream big! Draw, make sketches, if you play music get your instrument out and play… or play in the sandbox with children, or walk the dog… play with the cat… flirt with the birds…

The two orange aspects from Uranus to the Moon and Sun/Neptune Full Moon constellation is also asking us to blow up the old ways of thinking and acting. We are not victims, but often we have chosen to be one because it was easier than to take on responsibility. There was still someone else to blame. Power was something most people were afraid of and we have to understand that now it’s not ‘power over’ as in the old times, but we move into empowerment. To empower ourselves and others. You can only give what you have…therefore you need to claim back your power and creativity first!

The last couple years have been for most people, including myself, very powerful lessons and definitely not easy. The disturbing brainwash and program was so profound and deep seated that it was impossible to see first. Layers and layers revealed themselves and often we could not see that this is concerning ourselves. Most of the things came as mirror images and it took courage and time to understand and resolve. But with every thing that I have experienced and observed, it all makes sense now. How can we ever move into freedom and co-creation if we are creeping and crawling around the pedestal of those we give our power away? If we ask others to help us… to do things for us, tell us how to do it (and I am not referring to children learning!) and most importantly if we give our power away and thing others can heal us?

You can get a cure, but genuine healing is something that only you can do. It’s is ok to use drugs, but only with responsibility. Check out what is in them first and if you can find a natural cure (which in most cases is easy and possible) prefer this. I use colloidal Silver and take it every day as a natural antibiotic and it works perfectly. I had a lot of issues with my teeth and my dentist was very surprised when my gums suddenly were strong again and the teeth we thought that I need to fix or even pull soon cause no more problems. There is a solution for every thing and since we have a lot of really good information out there on line, you can find what you need. Still, prevention is better, especially when we go into a detox where things might surface and need to be healed.

Namaste, Katharina

End of the Super Federation with Corey Goode
Cosmic Disclosure hosted by David Wilcock on Gaia.com


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After the 48 hours you can read the transcript of this session on Corey’s homepage (and the transcription of all the Cosmic Disclosure episodes): 


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One comment on “Full Moon, 2 March 2018 ~ The dawn of a new Cosmic Day

  1. Dear Kat,Im v sorry about your beloved leaving you,esp dogs are great natural protectors and companions and I hope your cat has his fun and returns!I read the transcription of the interview,actually twice once on DW web and the second time and in more detail on CGs v exciting if true,btw i recently watched a video about body language re CG and the result was that he is genuine,so im glad that matches with our feeling:)Thanks for tne reading should be v interesting with alot of Neptune hits,i wonder if that will coincide with more disclosure….

    ps i recorded some special music on 2/2/2018 AND 20/2/2018 both 2/2/2/ days!And what came out surprised me in its beauty and power,i think it will help with duality,i will send you it v soon just finalising the mixes.Much love:)

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