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Revealing what is going on behind the stage!

Revealing what is going on behind the stage!

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock

Staged Alien Abductions with Guest Emery Smith

This is the link where you can watch the video for free for 48 hours (weekend 20/21 Jan)  the from the moment onwards that the first person has clicked on this link:


I was expecting a depressing information, but it is stunning and it leads to such a positive outlook I would have never expected!

This is one of the most revealing videos with Insider Emery Smith who has worked in underground facilities as a medical technician for a couple decades and has seen about 3000 different species.

Emery Smith is being interviewed in this episode and he also mentions genetic programs, including synthetic cells, synthetic Biology and that most of the alien abductions reported in fact have been staged. They have been real and leave a real experience in the mind of the abducted person. But it was a “show”, thats why have more or less the same memory, no matter in which part of the world. It is significant that these reports of abduction started in the early 60’s, when some of the reversed engineered crafts have been realized.

He also mentions mind control and how subliminals are being used.

One thing he said which really rings a bell: most of these aliens who visit us are so more more advanced and don’t need to abduct people, even if they would like to have our DNA. There are many other ways!

The fear thing is typical of people who want to dominate and control, for some who want to create a world order… a slave system….

From previous Insiders there was a lot of information about reversed engineered vehicles (from UFO crashes which started with Roswell) and I highly recommend you to start at the beginning and watch the “Cosmic Disclosure” series with David Wilcock and Corey Goode and some other Insiders who shared their awesome experiences.

There is a promotion at Gaia.com going on until the end of January, please click this link below to go there. You can sign up just for a couple month and watch all the videos of the Cosmic Discloser Series and many others, it’s only 10US$ per month. You can enjoy the over 8,000 videos in the Gaia library, videos in very good quality with no interruptions of any commercials!


This offer is valid until the 31st of January 2018

In all my life I never doubted that there are other beings “out there”, many different species and life forms. How could human beings be so arrogant and ignorant not to know this! If you look into the night sky and see what is all out there, and today with the more sophisticated telescopes and images we have, it must be clear to everyone that we can’t be the only intelligent life form here on planet Earth. This is simply not an option for a logical thinking person.

I hope to be able to give you a little bit more insights to understand what is going on behind the stage! I really love the last few minutes, the outlook into the future that he is so sure to come!

Have a great weekend,


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