Dark Moon, 17 January 2018 – Once the judgement is eliminated, things can flow

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Dark Moon, 17 January 2018

Once the judgement is eliminated, things can flow

by Katharina Bless

This Dark Moon has 5 planets in Sagittarius, which is very intense and forces us to move on. There is no time to linger anymore and if people don’t shift their perception and move on, they will be forced from outer circumstances. Let me tell you about a call I had yesterday.

This guy was very sad that he needs to move out of the house he lives in. But there was a lot of disturbance for the kids at night from other people living there. He had good luck and could purchase a nice house, where he and his family can stay alone now, undisturbed by other tenants.  This is a rare jewel of an older house that was sold for a very good price. So I told him that he should not be sad to leave the old place but look at it as a great and fortunate opportunity for his family! Not only moving house, but also move to a nice village which is still a bit more laid back and quiet, a much more perfect place to raise his children.

This Dark Moon brings similar topics like this. With Jupiter in Libra we receive help to balance our lives. Maybe find more perfect places to stay or bring new people into our lives. Perhaps it even brings back old friends we haven’t seen for a long time and strengthen the friendship with the people who are meant to be in our lives.

This is part of our healing and also to free space for a more creative life and lifestyle. Transitions are now very timely and at the Chinese New Year, the next Dark Moon, things will manifest more clearly. What you chose now is very important.

Venus is in conjunction with the Dark Moon and will help us to be more focused on the heart. Venus brings us an inner certainty that what we are doing is the right thing, provided we listen to the message. She can bring expansion on many levels and help us to set the start for a positive outcome. Since there is still a lot of fire in this chart, it’s not yet possible to ground something, there is no earth sign helping with this, the ideas might be overwhelming and it is crucial that you get grounding in other ways.

You might be extremely tired, because these fire energies are so intense and seem to eat up your entire energy and leave you exhausted. Make sure you get enough rest, maybe go to bed earlier, have a “conscious shower” before you go to bed and rinse all the stress with the water down the drain. It is also good to eat food that is grounding, root veggies like all kind of potatoes, carrots etc. I love to mix potatoes with carrots, add a bit of garlic, sea salt and rosemary, then sear with coconut oil until they are  glazed, then add a couple spoons of water, cover it and let them simmer for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how big or small you cut them until they are soft. (Cut the carrots smaller than the potatoes so they are ready at the same time)

Good and hearty food also will help your Venus to inspire you, it’s a good time for people who like to cook and eat good food. Time to try out new recipe. But not only in the domain of the kitchen, it’s good to try out new things in all areas of life.

Jupiter in Libra wants us to balance our lives and if we did something often, then maybe you consider to do something else. If your favoured sport is running, then maybe you try swimming or biking, or if you swim a lot, you maybe go walking or hiking.

One very good way to break habits is to join others and listen to what they are doing. Hang out with others, not the “usual crowd” and be open for opportunities to connect with new people. If someone talks to you or looks at you, take it as a sign and don’t walk away with a empty phrase.

The square from the Dark Moon conjunction to Uranus might trigger events that render you insecure and at loss. This is also an important step on our path forward, because we relay so much on our mind, that thinking and comparing with what happened before, which is preventing us from moving on into something new. If the mind is not familiar with something, it’s a good sign when you are insecure for a moment, it will lead you to something new.

Deep seated insecurities and fears might come to the surface. Events from early childhood may suddenly be remembered, triggered by something happening around us. These often are things we are not at peace with yet. Memories that we have been beaten up or emotionally abused from a parents or teacher, not been accepted or laughed at from class mates or being ridiculed for mistakes, looks or behaviour.

We can not change our past, but we can change how we perceive and handle our present and future. I have often realized when I remembered things from my childhood, now as a parent myself, I can understand better and when I look at the situation of my parents at that time, I am more tending to understand and forgive. Even being ridicules in school now shows me the level of their insecurities that manifested in arrogance. Grudge and bitterness are a very heavy luggage to carry around and it prevents us from living our lives to the fullest potential. What happened in the past can’t be changed, but it can be forgiven. You can let it go and bless the person with greater understanding and compassion.

Once this has been done things can change. The connections cut and getting rid of things in the “store room” will free up space which now is available for new things. If there are things still hurting very much, ask for help. You can ask people who are offering therapy, but also your spirit guides, protecting angels to help you to see clear and help to heal the wounds. Then you will attract situation for your healing.

There are two half-squares in the chart, one from Mars to Saturn/Mercury and one from the Dark Moon conjunction of Moon, Sun and Venus to Neptune. Both of them represent unresolved karmic aspects and are connected with the identification of the “persona”, the ego, not the Self. The person is just the “costume” we wear in this incarnation, the way we feel, think, communicate and behave. There are many personalities we have lived through in time and space. They all have experienced life differently brought lots of experience on all levels.

One thing that I come to understand better now is: I am not here for the achievement of a huge goal, but to experience the way to get where I am supposed to be going. Once the goal is reached, we can celebrate it, then let go and move on. Its not about resting on one’s laurels…..

Experience can’t be just positive, every thing in this realm has it’s shadow. The only way I can handle that is to stop to judge. What ever happened in the past, it was part of my experience and somehow, on a level I might not completely understand now, I have chosen to experience it. Good and bad is a construct of our mind and emotions, of our perception and the religious/social dogma.

Understanding this is the way you can even learn to be grateful for negative experiences and make peace with the past. This will bring you to greater understanding and even tolerance for the mistakes of others. Without mistakes there is no learning. This is a very important lesson to understand.

There is a saying that is very profound and has more meaning than just a simple phrase:

Intelligent people make a lot of mistakes
Stupid people always the same

This life is our unique journey and each mistake is important to learn a lesson. inventions have been made through a series of mistakes, by the courage of the Inventor to make mistakes, until the big break through came and suddenly it all made sense!

This should encourage you to try out something new, without fear of making mistakes and understand the word in it’s meaning: mistake = miss (to) take. Once the judgement is eliminated, things can flow. It’s an honour to have the courage and be able to make mistakes, hence not being stuck in routine and stagnant waters, e.g. false pride for not making mistakes.

Since there is so much fire in this chart, be careful that you balance your energy and ground yourself so you won’t get sick or prone to accidents. Focus your attention on balancing on all levels and listen to your intuition, even if it tells you something you don’t want to hear….

Namaste, Katharina

Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

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**SkyView Astrology (outer circle) works with the real star-constellations. Western/Tropical Astrology (inner circle) has nothing to do with the stars anymore and their 1˚ Aries is 28˚ apart from the true star constellations, the Vedic/Indian system is 6˚ degrees different. SkyView Astrology does not tell you who you are, but shows the blueprint/roadmap of one’s life and the time quality. It also is no fortune telling tool and can’t predict the future. The Western Astrology has nothing to do with the Stars, but is a method to show how the sun moves trough the season – which makes a certain sense in the northern hemisphere, but doesn’t make any sense bear and below the equator in the southern hemisphere – for more information go to www.silverdove.net

For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25° / April 18, Taurus: 36° / May 13, Gemini: 28° / June 21, Cancer: 20° / July 20, Leo: 36° / Aug 10, Virgo: 44° / Sept 16, Libra: 23° / Oct 30, Scorpio: 25° / Nov 23, Sagittarius: 33° / Dec 17, Capricorn: 28° / Jan 20, Aquarius: 25° / Feb 16, Pisces: 37° / March 11

The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power”  book one and two and “The Secret of the Abundance Box”. She lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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2 comments on “Dark Moon, 17 January 2018 – Once the judgement is eliminated, things can flow

  1. Yes another beauty of a reading and great advice taken from it,your recipe sounds and looks great a perfect groundng winter warmer!I have just been listening to Jim Carrey,who has had a big awakening for sure and as the Universe speaks thru him so too does it with you and this reading!What i just heard from Jim and read from you are i n essence almost the same!Its just you add the map of the planets and how they are mirroring it all for us!Thanks as always:)

  2. Another beauty, Katharina, and explains so much of what has been going on with me lately.

    Thanks for the confirmation and encouragement.

    On my way to NYC then to St. Croix to write with Diane for a month.

    I will connect with you in March if not before.

    Sending Silke energy for releasing Hetty tomorrow. Just exactly what this reading is talking about.

    Love you bunches, Sister. You’re doing amazing work.

    w Wendy Crumpler Author: Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator Side by Side Co-author: Photoshop Artistry Co-author: Cusco: Gateway to Inner Wisdom

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