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Dark Moon, 21 August 2017 ~ Look at the past experiences and then LET THEM GO!

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Dark Moon, 21 August 2017

Look at the past experiences and then LET THEM GO!

by Katharina Bless

This is the eclipse we have been waiting for and thousands of people will travel to see and experience it. It’s a very special experience that I was lucky to have before in my life and the diamond effect of the returning light is mind blowing. Literally! I had a head ache for 3 days afterwards. Of course not every one had a headache in our group, but I was dehydrated, long (hectic) travel and such an intense meditation, it was a bit too much for my body then. So be careful that you have enough water if you have to travel and make sure you have enough time to be in the same place for a while. But this experience was very special, life changing and powerful for me in October 1996.

We have a cluster of planets in Leo, besides Moon/Sun Conjunction, there are Mars and Mercury and the ascending Node. Neptune in Aquarius on the “other side” of the chart is connected with an opposition to Mercury, and both planets are retrograde.

What I feel strongly with this chart is that things are not as they look. There is a lot of deception on the surface, a lot of information to take our focus from the real things that are happening. It’s a constellation with a big show and mask in front of the hidden things so every body is too busy to look at what really matters.

Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, connected to the cluster in Leo, brings in the transformation energy to the time quality. There are two benevolent sextile to Jupiter, which can help us to understand better what is happening. If we don’t focus only on the “main cluster” and what is going on in the media, Jupiter in Virgo gives us a hint on how to go about. In this chart is is very important not to be deceived by the staged splendour and (hollow) grandeur of the ones on the stage. The back stage is rotten and coming down, soon the stage is crashing down too with all its false gold.

Virgo represents the past experience, the harvest of things that are ripe and need to fall off the tree. These fruits are our experience and once they are “eaten” we can let go and move on. In the Buddhist term it would be “eat up the karma fruit” and then you have a clean slate to move on.

Rupert Sheldrake is the first who was able to make scientific experiments with what he called then the Morphogenetic field, today called morphic field. For example, if they showed people an image with a hidden picture, only about 30% of people could figure out what the 3D hidden image was. But when they showed the hidden image again, more people could see the image because it was already part of the morphic field. The experiments go on and are more than fascinating to see how once something is done, it’s in the morphic field and the next people have easier access to the topic.  I read his books in the 80’s and also focussed on this images, now i can see them quite easily. Click on the image to see it bigger and figure out if you stare at it, if you can see the 3D hidden image.

This is the key in this chart how to process things! Let your mind free and maybe do something boring that your body goes on auto pilot, but set the intention to, for example, remember something, solve a problem etc. and then let go. Suddenly, when you don’t think of it anymore, something surfaces like an “idea” or memory and gives you the key what you look for. When I am out stuck with writing or doing something, I go and play some solitaire games. After 10 min maybe I suddenly are interrupted from the game with an idea… or an urge to get up and do something, look into a cupboard etc and get what I was looking for… maybe not the problem solution for today, but something I was looking for last week. Once you find it, in this case the past experiences, just look at them and then lovingly LET THEM GO! Forgive yourself and others if needed, this is the key to clear karma. Then the future is different, the same experiences won’t come back. Just look at a sample in nature: even tough ever year we have similar seasons, the weather can be very different and our awareness is changing with every year we live. Imagine a summer when you were 5, 10, 20, 30 etc. years old. Even if it was maybe the “same” summer, it was totally different because of your awareness and experience. Keep that in mind and move on without the negative “back pack” from the past. Keep the memory and the talents, the experience and skills. Use the morphic field and upload it with data that you can recall if needed.

It’s even more significant if you look back 50 or a 100 + years. Nothing is the same anymore. Can you imagine a life without computer and mobile phones? Take the positive out of that what we have, even the longer life span and the hygiene, the comfort etc. but don’t get lazy and too comfortable, because the only thing that is lasting is the change.

The ones who grew up without these gadgets still can go back an exist without them, which is a good thing because the systems are fragile and prone to sabotage. It’s better to learn how to prepare raw and cook food instead of buying ready made food and put it into the microwave (which is dead food anyway) and in case we have a black out, we know how to help ourselves. It is also helpful to have a print out on healing herbs, natural antibiotics etc.

The bold connections in Leo are telling us that we have to take on the responsibility of our actions, of our past and move on with what we have, taking on our power and stand up for our rights. The Leo-King is not creeping nor bowing. S/he stand up and knows that s/he is the main player in this game and the adviser (sits in Sagittarius) is Pluto, the outer planet that also stands for the completion of the transformation and the stepping beyond the threshold. I still think that Pluto is not understood and interpreted from a medieval perspective….

What threshold? Looking around, every body should have realized by now that big things are going on our beautiful planet and that if we are not taking responsibility for it, we are in deep trouble. And I am not talking about global warning, from my research I understand this is just another hoax. But I want to point out genetic engineering, food modification etc. Are you aware of what you eat? Are you willing to be responsible for the consequences of your choices?

Look at your body, look at your life situation, look at your job, at your relationships. Is it what you want? Is it what you wanted to create with your life and are you happy with what you created?

Maybe remind yourself that you are spirit having a human experience and not opposite around. If you accept that you are here for a reason and chosen to be here in this time, things are easier and we can handle what ever comes. We did not incarnate with the knowing we can’t make it, quite the opposite…but most of us forgot….

We have been under a lot of stress and obligations that we had to fulfil. Life has become so busy that we hardly have time for ourselves. I realize that in these last few decades most people were not really aware of what is happening to them. The information that we deserve to know, the disclosure needed to shift into another gear was not available for the majority. Every thing around us, all the technique, communication, medical care (care??) etc. has changed in such a rapid motion that we are standing in front of big riddles and question marks. How did it happen? How was it possible that allopathic medicine is more of an enemy to our health today?

There was not enough time to catch up with every thing and, yes you are right, it was not possible. It was not visible. Even things visible were ridiculed and denied. Every thing is more and more compartmentalized! If you are very good, diligent and hard working, you might see into a few compartments, but that’s it. But you are told that is high clearance. They want to keep you happy. However, there is not overview anymore! One reason is that we don’t receive the information of the true origin and development of things but are just confronted with them. Another reason is that in our education systems young people are not educated to be creative, innovative and find out things but to simply believe what they are told and become well behaved citizen of the control system of a fixated matrix. Controlled by a small elite.

It’s time for changes. Changes of attitude first, then the other changes will follow: jobs, unhealthy relationships, or the way you handle them, education, medicine etc. Take on your own power and think for yourself. The trine to retrograde Uranus from the Sun/Moon conjunction shows that there is a huge potential if you tune in and let the ideas come to you. Be still for a moment. Those who can’t see the eclipse, tune into the energy and maybe watch a move with an eclipse or see it in your mediation. I still believe that a huge break through comes when Uranus enters Aries. Again: this is a reason why they altered the real sky view astrology and fixed it to the spring equinox 2000 years ago. We are not supposed to know what really is going on and when the triggers are of real changes!

That moment of darkness during this Sun Eclipse, the magical moment when every thing goes still, is the moment things can change. Use it well! It is that void and you can, like we did as children, reach into a bag and pull out a surprise. It is YOUR bag and what you have dreamed of, some time ago (maybe when you were a child) nourished to manifest. But you gave up. For several reasons lost your passion, lost your trust. You might have forgotten… but it’s still there. Once you know what it is it’s easier to energize it into manifestation and if you change your life you change the world!


Namaste, Katharina


Rupert Sheldrake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD2qScZlvYE
banned TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TerTgDEgUE

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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power”  book one and two and “The Secret of the Abundance Box”. She lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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One comment on “Dark Moon, 21 August 2017 ~ Look at the past experiences and then LET THEM GO!

  1. Hi Kat,ive been away for nearly a month and i get back to your latest reading to give me my”fix” of truth!Thanks for sharing,v true about the inspirations coming when we are in repetitive motion mode,basically mind otherwsie occupied,ive just been driving nearly 30 hours and i got plenty of ideas!Thanks for the info about Mr Sheldrake ive always known about the morphic field but its great to know more and i feel this info could help the cynics and believers in a mechanical and meaningless universe see the patterns,meaning and connections…just like skyview astrology!Much love:)

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