Full Moon, 16 November 2016 ~ Be creative and compassionate to find loving solution

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Full Moon, 16 November 2016

Be creative and compassionate to find loving solution

By Katharina Bless ©

The Full Moon axis from the Sun in Libra to the Moon in Aries brings up again the topic of the “Beauty and the Beast”. If you look at the opposition we can see that there is a second opposition from Neptune which includes the Node axis. The two oppositions are connected with two Quintiles, (72˚ aspects) and form a double pyramid. This brings up a very interesting topic, doubles the Libra’s message of balancing the forces within. The tips of the two pyramids are in the center of the Mandala, therefore we can easily see the message, that the fragile point to hold the balance also must be in the center of human beings, in the heart!


The second opposition which includes Neptune in conjunction with the descending node in Aquarius to the ascending Node in Leo also present a topic that we looked at already a few times, but this time it is urgent. An opposition always is a challenge. Something is happening in life, something comes most often from the world outside to make sure we don’t miss the opportunity to grow. Look at the Ego VS Self, include both into life, one without the other can’t function properly in the “suit” of a human being! People only focussed on the ego get lost and often become victims of their own actions. With the guidance of the “Self” that we can hear through intuition, inspiration (in-spirit) and in meditation. When we are quiet and let the Monkey-Mind behind, many things are clearly revealed and visible and help to life a more fulfilled life.

The Neptune/Dragon Tail (Lunar Node) in Aquarius shows us something about our fall into oblivion, the time we forgot who we are, especially since Neptune also is retrograde, he wants us to dive. This reminds me of a meditation that I did very long time ago, that led to a powerful initiation. I will write it down at the end of this reading.

In this energy of the South Node we find what is not resolved, where we are stuck, and in this case as humanity, not just an individual. Things that we are not willing to give up. Are we so in love with the person that we thing we want to be, measured by social standard, that we are not able to become what our higher Self has in store for us?


If you look at the descending Node (Dragon tail) to find your past, the places and the personalities you have been, you keep the memories. You can find this in your personal chart. If we find it in a Full Moon chart, it calls us to look at a certain aspect from the past, personal and global. Find it and let it go, the North Node, Dragon Head, is calling for something new. It is time for changes! This is well visible in the world!

It’s also time to realize dreams you had, for yourself and a bigger collective. Be ready for a new adventure. What you haven’t experienced yet, you can’t really “see” since its not manifested yet. Therefore, beside excitement, some fear of the unknown is present too. This fear is there each time you start something because every thing new we start has no fixed outcome! The only thing that which is sure is that we’ll have a new experience! This is what matters. This is what life is about. This is what we are here for.

This chart encourages us to dive into the past, to take out the old albums and study the photos. Look at them what you where and look at what you are now. How far did you go? What happened to you in the years you moved on? Did you only age with time or did you use the time to experience new adventures? Sit back and watch the play of your past, the theatre is all yours!


What happened you can’t change. It’s all experience and there. Don’t judge. Just watch and then make something based on the old. Use it as fertile soil to grew new Ideas.

This chart also offers a lot of little support lines (green sextile and half sextile) that support you by the step by step moving forward, giving you the stamina to go beyond initial fear and enjoy a new experience. This is only possible because you have a past! Imagine all that was as stepping stones to bring you to the here and now; and a lot of stepping stones are in front of you, ready to take you within the eternal NOW into your future.

Back to the Quintile, an aspect that we don’t see so often. In this chart, the aspects connects the oppositions to a double pyramid. 72º in a circle represents the pentagram and the five pointed star. As the symbol of Venus it stands for creativity and love. The solution of Love, creativity and and the genuine solution of problems. When Quintiles appear in a chart, often solutions are found. And in this case we can see that people start to understand polarity. As long as we exist we are confronted with it. Polarity is not bad.. not at all, it is the only way how we can exist, no matter in which dimension. Once we turn back into “unity” we wont know anything about existence any more. And we can’t understand what that is, its not possible for our mind and emotions, they are based on polarity, meaning experience.


But what we can do with the insights of the Quintile aspects is to find creative and loving solutions in our lives. Instead of judging and criticizing, we might let others make their own experience and give loving guidance and know that we can learn most if we make mistakes (miss -take) and we try again until we don’t “miss to take” or miss the experience any more.

Especially the two connected Quintiles that connect the Sun with the Dragon Head and Mars, are encouraging us to use our energies for peaceful solutions, for tolerance and to give something new a chance. Not to condemn something when it has even started to unfold. Not to suppress feelings before they even can express themselves.


The Moon and Sun opposition is showing the polarity of balance and imbalance, beauty and ugliness, creation and reaction. The solution is given with the Quintile, the Moon connected with Neptune is to let things happen without interfering, to give them a chance to surface and then look at it. Every thing suppressed is a “luggage” that we carry around. The South Node is “hidden” by Neptune, therefore we can’t do any thing anyway. If we try, it’s just in vain, wasted energy!

The Sun in Libra asks us to consider first. To look at both aspects, in this case the one Quintile to Mars and one to the Dragon head. To gather the strength and the energy to get involved in something new. To not let old fear rule our lives and to face the warrior that we all have inside and allow him to come out to fight the sacred combat that we face. Use the energy, be creative and compassionate to find loving solution.


There is a Quintile from the Sun to Uranus bringing inspiration, which is connected with the green sextile/half-sextile with the Moon and Chiron. This is an interesting support triangle which includes a healing aspect for our feelings. If we look deeper and really sit back and watch without judging, we can release a lot of old emotions which are blocking our ability to life and express ourselves freely. Often, after looking back, some actions that seemed “negative/bad” at a time, can be seen as the best that could have happened later. If this would not happened, you would not have changed something in your life. For example, if you would not have lost “that” job, you would not have moved on and be where you are now.

The second greet support triangle is from Venus to Mercury and Mars. Didn’t we hear that once before? To really move into our power, into our true being, we need to integrate our polarities, yin and yang, and peel it out of “good and bad” to understand that without there is not life as we know it at all!

Namaste, Katharina

There is very good info on the Lunar Nodes at:


Imagine you are at the shore of a huge ocean. All you see is water in front of you. A hooded figure is coming along with a magic wand for the journey. He/She tells you to go and dive into the water to find what you lost, to find the imbalance in your life. Not swim on the surface. Dive.. walk along the ground. He waves the wand to enable you to breath under water and hands it to you, so you can use it. You can leave your cloth behind if you like and create a diving suit to move more easy.


Now you step into the water, and you move into a world that is very different from what you are used to. Slowly go forward, down deeper… observe the life in water and go deeper and deeper. Remember you have this magic want and you can create a light in the dark… and what ever else you need. Go… further… and see… what awaits you there….

Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

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5 comments on “Full Moon, 16 November 2016 ~ Be creative and compassionate to find loving solution

  1. Thanks again,i get a positve feeling from your chart interpretation….if thats what we choose!what better way than to use creativty and compassion to move forward!And once again we are in tune as only yesterday i watched a video of me playing music at 18…33 years ago,i had this natural raw energy,which i still possess but now with more refinement(i hope!).Also very good link and info about the nodes,which are so rarely discussed!I have North in 6th square saturn and pluto opposition,which explains my lifelong constant transformations and enforced self discipline!Also thanks for the meditation,,,def going to do it(i do the flower heart peace meditation of yours most days!)the diving med another one to do music for!With blessing and gratitude:)

    • Yes, Marco, it is how we want to interpret it. Every constellation has a positive and a negative side to it, it matters in which direction you look. I don’t want to go into the doomsday stuff, I know and have proven that I can chose and create my own world. After each set back there is a bigger “take off” and it seems we both have transformative constellation in our charts. I am glad I did chose that way. Even though it nearly killed me a couple times … now I can smile about it and see the deeper meaning.
      If you do music for this meditation, I look very much forward to hear it. It was mind blowing event for me and at the end of it there was a song from Heaven and Hell from Vangelis. I bought the music and put my head between the loud speakers, turned on the volume to top sound and listen to it again and again until I could hear it without crying and weeping. I went through it many times, and finally had a powerful experience of being reborn.

      • See the power of music!i feel music really helps to convey and communicate words and emotion,it is the energetc carrier of info,i often imagine how less powerful all the great films we watch would be without the music!Yet musicians are still undervalued and its often not considered a REAL job!:( Oh well never mind as long as the music made affects people and helps in rebirth,musicians are doing their JOB!:)

  2. Thank you for this loving message. It sums up what I have gone through since my sister’s funeral. I understand what you said, that from a higher perspective, she wanted to go anyway. But some others were blaming and finding fault with everyone else. When tragedy is supposed to bring us closer, it ended with siblings alienating each other. My calm message to the accusers to respect the deceased and offer compassion and love to her family, was misinterpreted, blown out of context and I have become the official family Devil. I have since banned them from my contact list. They are much older than I am and this is the very first time that I rebuked them. At first I felt hurt that they judged me negatively for something that I felt was unnecessary, and no one thanked me for defending anyone either. Just silence.
    I have in fact looked at my journey, from childhood until the my mother’s death, 18 years ago and from there up till now. In Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy Lectures, this reviewing is called Biography, a writing of my life. In the process of drawing up the chart, I found self healing. I believe I have come a long way. I decided to make peace with my dark shadows – the shame, guilt, etc – you’re right, past is past I can’t undo my numerous mis-takes except to learn from them. But I believe I did alright so far and so I decided to pat myself in the back for a job well done. And it’s all thanks to all my teachers, including you, who have helped me to “Know mySelf”.

    • you’re welcome!
      It does not make sense to elaborate more on the negative, this is done already all over the world. To find solutions we need to be brave, go our path, follow our hearts and not throw wood into the fire of hatred.
      I am glad that you also have found out that this is the way to success. Yes, you have come a long way… a good way! ❤

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