Dark Moon, 1 Sep 2016 ~ The history book on the shelf, is always repeating itself….

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Dark Moon, 1 Sep 2016

The history book on the shelf, is always repeating itself….
By Katharina Bless ©

Today we deal with a Dark Moon in Leo with quite some challenging aspects. The first and important one is a 1-and-a-half square, the karmic aspect that is so clearly visible in the world, the falling apart of systems and those who try to rescue a broken ship.

DM 1Sep16

Let me fist explain the aspect again, especially for those who are relatively new to these posts.

135˚One-and-a-half Square:

Karmic mistake aspect

The One and a half square aspect shows us the karmic mistakes and failures. Since we have not finished our lessons (otherwise we would not be here!!) we have to work on our old mistakes (miss to take) which means we are confronted again with the lessons and skills we have not finished and understood in the past. At a young age we often experience a lack of confidence brought forward from past lives, still active and often resulting in failure. People tend to avoid this topic and say that they can’t do this or that, but the lesson comes back again and again until we have the courage to face it and resolve the problem.

(quote from the book: SkyView Astrology by Katharina Bless)

It is quite amazing after all these years, that it seems not to sink in that the present situation can not be rescued with old methods. They tried so many times and failed, and failed… the question is: why are we in this situation (again)?

Reminds me of the song from Abba: The history book on the shelf, is always repeating itself… Waterloo ….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvCKI22cpMc … I feel like I win but I loose….

So what is this all about? With Sun and Moon in Leo, it’s once a game of the ego, power and control. The Karmic aspect is pointing to Uranus, which is connected with another one-and-a-half Square to Saturn, back with a square to the Sun/Moon conjunction. What a mess with no escape.

Jon Rappoport wrote in a post today:

Everyone needs a victim-story these days. Don’t leave home without one. Or two or three. Colleges are institutionalizing victimhood.

HeatStreet reports on an innovation: “Brown University last year turned a room on campus into a safe space by outfitting it with cookies, coloring books, soft music, pillows and a video of frolicking puppies, along with trauma counselors, after students complained that a speaker invited to campus would be too upsetting.”

My, my.

Reason.com explains: “At Brown University last fall, for instance, the prospect of a debate between leftist-feminist Jessica Valenti and libertarian-feminist (and Reason contributor) Wendy McElroy was so horrifying to some students…that the creation of a ‘safe space’ was necessary.”

Sure it was necessary. These college kiddies are fragile. They can crack like eggs at the slightest provocation. A word here, a word there, and they require a vacation. clip… https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/08/30/im-triggered-im-triggered-i-need-a-safe-space/


Well, and in Switzerland there is no grading anymore, Kids, after being in school for 9 year need first to learn read and write, basic mathematics when they enter an apprenticeship.

So we can say that we our education system is not working, Switzerland was one of the countries who had one still working until recently. Not like some other countries where is was normal that kids can’t read and write after 9, 10 .. years of school.

So look at the situation, they complain that they have no jobs and no chance. Wonder why? Wonder why there is such a mess everywhere? Europe is being destroyed, the cultures that gave an individual self esteem is crumbling and its hard to believe that people follow a diet that is visibly damaging the body, produces obese and unhealthy children and all the diet products on the market help a lot to make sure the it get worse!

Wow… and then I look at this chart. Yes, the tension has become so big that eggs crack and the “safe spaces” become a joke. Just go on blaming the “others”….

Well, that was a bit of sarcasm, but I can’t help it. Things are so obvious and people still manage to close their eyes and pretend things are “just fine”. No they are not, our system is like an obese child that most likely won’t survive his/her parents because already growing up the internal organs are being destroyed.


So what can we do. I hate to repaed myself again and again, but there is not much else to say and this chart indicates that we are in a one way street, very close to the wall that will corner us.

Uranus suggests dramatic changes in our life style. I have watched/read some info on food lately and many practitioners start to move out of the mainstream of the food pyramid and say that a low carb diet is more healthy than the high carb diet that was the “norm” for the last few decades. I agree from own experience! The connection to heart disease and cholesterol:


In addition, there is this amazing guy who talks about cancer like nobody I heard before, and I just want to give him a big hug, because he sais what I belief and tried to preach for years with no suggess.


It is time to turn around and let the old paradigm go… completely! Uranus suggests to listen again to the feelings, to one Self. The connection to Saturn and Mars is bold, it shows a kind of urgency, not more time to delay, the (Scorpio) transformation is fully on the way and you don’t want to be caught there unconscious. This would not be a good thing.

The yellow 72˚ aspects, which are Venus aspects, to Venus, Mercury and Jupiter show that if we have something to harvest! We all have more experience that we might know and can access more knowledge than every. Just imagine the possibilities in the cyberspace that we never had before as long as anyone can remember. Use it! Not just to waste your time with silly entertainment and dangerous brainwash, but to find out what is really going on.

DM 1 Sep 16

In addition we have this inborn knowledge, experience from the Whole. Each of us is part of the hologram, we can access it and extract what we need. If I change, I change the hologram. If I gain knowledge and help others to understand and lead a different life, a part of the hologram is changing.

YOU AND I ARE THE ONES, THOSE WHO CREATE AND RECREATE THE WORLD! Either you are active in crating or passive in reacting! Giving the power away is not a solution.

The ego personality is not a stable entity. It changes all the time and some people are like flags in the wind, changing directions and personality so fast, you can not even get know who they are, because each time you meet them, they have a different opinion. They are so afraid to take a stand! But this is only one side of the coin. On the other hand there are those who are so much stuck in their opinions that where at one point brainwashed into them, that they build a huge wall around them with those slogans and are not willing to move one yota!


Interesting facts… so how can we ever move to a better future? I don’t think it will be every one’s future that is being formed. Each individual will experience the fruits of their own harvest and some will move graciously and with ease into a new paradigm, a new life style. They somehow, it might look like magically are not touched by the downfall of others, because they understand and change their lives accordingly. They are alert and awake and care for not only their little ego but help to move things for all. In what every way that lies in their abilities. Nothing impossible is being asked!

The others will need more and more safe spaces until they drown with their pink pillows and suffocate on the soft music which will turn into thunder and lighting, storm and tidal waves. The change is coming, nobody can stop a tidal wave.

The key? It’s the trine to Pluto in Sagittarius. It’s the key since quite some time and now Pluto is declared not to be a planet anymore… coincidence? It’s probably not very convenient to look at this force. Still, this principle is the key as I wrote in many past readings and explained about the real “role” of Pluto energy for our planet.

The Goddess is rising. If one of the ladies is interested in powerful work with women, a support system and leader ship training, you can contact me…. We are not poor and lost, we are powerful beyond the limitations of our society, rules and dogmas! We just need to be aware of it and start to use our power.

Namaste, Katharina

PS  this just came in when I was writing the Moon reading, it’s also an important part of what is going on:

FORCED VACCINATIONS: 23 minute video-


We need to become Warriors! Kindergartners through 7th graders must now show proof of immunizations. In California, hundreds were to be turned away, because they didn’t have their paperwork, proving they submitted to the forced vaccination program. What does this mean for children of California?

What if YOU are forced to get Vaccinated? How to Protect Yourself!

The Center for Disease Control continues to recommend that infants (ages 2,4,6 months) all receive 8 vaccines! –

Polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B, rotavirus, pneumococcal, tetanus, haemophilus influenza B, and pertussis- All in spite of no safety studies.

Avoiding vaccines is the best line of defense against dangerous toxins. If one is faced with the necessity to vaccinate, there are several health measures, which ‘MAY’- Reduce the damage. – See the full article, here:


K: And not only in California… its happening in the whole world. I have seen the direct change of a child into becoming autistic after being vaccinated, but I also have witnessed the reversal of this with a certain alternative healing method. Wow, what a impressive change that was to see this child again active, happy, very intelligent and alert.

And another mail just came when I was about to publish this post also from Jon Rappoport (you guess, I’m on his mailing list):

August 31, 2016: The Vaxxed team does it again.

Here is a stunning new interview with fearless San Antonio prosecutor, Nico LaHood, and his wife, Davida. Watch it. Share it.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi9PNKW7w3Q

Polly Tommey of the Vaxxed team handles the interview. Nico LaHood lays it all out. He rips away the curtain and exposes the truth. Vaccines cause autism.

As La Hood talks, the vaccine criminals and liars crumble into dust.

Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

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3 comments on “Dark Moon, 1 Sep 2016 ~ The history book on the shelf, is always repeating itself….

  1. Thanks so much,i totally relate to what you are saying…once again!Its nice to hear someone with the guts to say thngs as they are with no pink fluff around it!;)And well done about putting out the facts about vaccines…we as a family have personally experienced this,here in CZ it is also COMPULSORY to be vaccinated and i didnt find out the consequnces til too late…BUT since my wife and i are more connected than most to Spirit and TRUTH we found a way around it,homeopathy,certain mixtures will and have totally negated the effe ts of this POISON! we must en masse begin to see the truth…the corruption,greed and lies of the system only then can we tip the balance,its our duty to live in truth and love and share and BE that,you Kat are a ilving example of that and the world is a better place for that!:)

    • Thanks for the feed back, Marco. Yes, with homoeopathic remedies you can get rid of the poisons of vaccines, but it’s in some cases really crucial to do it immediately after the vaccine.
      The story of Nico shows what happens if it’s too late. And I agree, and there was also a time I did trust doctors…. that we might not really get it what happens if some symptoms like this just appear seemingly out of the blue. I probably would not have connected it with the vaccine either…. Luckily with the cases of autism it is absolutely reversible.
      So yes, you too Marco, let’s be out there and shake people and do what we have to do in our own personal ways ~ Hugs, K

      • Will do!Im going to save this,you have some great links on here,essential reading and viewing,thanks again,hugs back:)M

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