Full Moon, 18 August 2016 ~ By their fruits you will know them!

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Full Moon, 18 August 2016

By their fruits you will know them!
By Katharina Bless ©

This Full moon axis comes from Moon in Capricorn to the Sun in Leo. It is a time where many feel heavy and have lost orientation. We need to find a new orientation and the old role models we know from our society are not what we want. There is corruption and deception unveiled every where and those in power are not so powerful anymore. The only way how we can move on is to close old chapters!

deying Tree

Trees have never grown into the sky, goes an old saying, and every thing which has a beginning, one day has an end too. It definitely is the end of a dishonest ruler-ship and those who have exploited people for not only centuries, butt millennium’s, are done. They try to rescue the sinking ship, but there are too many patches already and they are rotting too. The nails are rusty and the planks gnawed by arrogance, greed and pride. We need to awaken our integrity now, our own honesty, uniqueness and remember the divine heritage we brought with us from the stars.

Looking at the journey in a chart, all the signs also contain the journey, each first sign of an element is the beginning, the second the peak and the third the end of something. The 3 earth signs stand for manifestation (Taurus), harvest (Virgo) and decay/death (Capricorn). The moon in Capricorn here shows that there is a physical ending of something in the process and the opposition it Leo point into the direction of certain egos and ego games. Spontaneously the Dakini Oracle comes to my mind, the card “Slay the Ego” would be a very good illustration for this constellation.

Slay the Ego

We can see that the moon is connected to a “finger of God” aspect (green) with the strong helping aspect to Uranus, which indicates that sudden changes are necessary, not just required, which are connected with a personal sacrifice. We have to give up something which is connected with Jupiter and Mercury.

The interesting aspect is pointing to Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury still in Leo. Looking from the moon, it is a “divorce” aspect, the confrontation of the opposition has passed already. What we find in the opposition now is the Sun, the consciousness. Be awake and alert!

FM 18 Aug 16

This indicates that we have to give up the way we look at things and how we “Put things together” and judge them. Jupiter is asking for a different perspective: look at the fruits and recognize what really is going on. For example, the politicians always make lots of promises before they are elected, once they are in office, they don’t care anymore about them. The “masses” are just “fuel” for their plans. A good sample is that the American President just signed “the dark act” :

.More than 250,000 people also signed a petition by Food and Democracy asking Obama not to pass the bill. Despite, many signing the petition, Obama signed Monsanto’s protection Act into law few days ago. That’s when the President and his entire family eat only organic food …. See more at: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/obama-Monsanto-protection-act.php#sthash.s0EhXmX6.dpuf

This looks very beautiful, but how much is really good for us to eat?

The main reason why the school systems are so difficult, is because they don’t promote creativity any more but let the children just repeat and memorize stuff they present as “reality” to them. This is how it is! Train a bunch of sheep to stay in the the group and have the dog surround them that not one is being lost…!!

Even if they talk in business about innovative people, from my own experience I can say, that once someone really is innovative, he is cast out. Those who are working in the big business are all afraid of taking responsibility and make decisions. There is huge competition and blackmail! and every thing that could bring changes is dangerous. Those, holding a better paid position are horrified to loose it and therefore rather are like a flag in the wind and bend into the right direction than to stand bold in those big companies! If an employee from a lower position or an outsider comes with a brilliant idea or solution, they rather ignore him than risk to admit that he knows something better for the good of all… and it was not their idea!

Just keep darkening the view and put on the sunglasses so you don’t see the light!It’s like in the story where every body was blind and one man came and told them, but they didn’t believe that they are blind….


If we look from Mercury and Jupiter to the quincunx to the moon, we have a “last chance” aspect, which gives us a great opportunity to look at things in the way they are, and not like they seem to be. Again, if we look at the fruits that people “produce” you will see very clear what is going on. It is so obvious, that it hurts. The games that have been played out are so grotesque that it is really difficult to accept that so many people give up their power and move into “victim land”. It is actually very late, we should have taken action long time ago, still, there is a chance.

All the ancient teachings and spiritual Masters taught the same: that we are responsible for our own life, that we should use our response-ability and look at every thing that is in our life as part of our creation and if we don’t like it, do something to change it.

This last chance aspect wants to show you the decaying and stinking debris that is around, covered with perfume and plastic… and we are encouraged to lift the camouflage and look what’s really behind it. The Moon will move into Aquarius, there is new inspiration and the aspect to the moon, the sextile, is a connection with Uranus which indicates that if we only dare to look, we will find inspiration and a way out. The two half sextile are connecting Chiron to Uranus and the Moon, are helping in a gentle step by step healing to remove what does not belong to us, to heal the wounded heart and eliminate the doubts.

glitter glamour

We find what we need inside, if we listen to the voice of our Divine Self, all the answers are there! No other person can know better. We need to learn to trust again, to permit life to teach us and see for ourselves the results or our actions. It is time not to deny anymore that we are involved, that we are powerful beings with the ability to create. If we don’t create, we react. Look at the word, it is an anagram, just the ‘c’ is in a different place: creation ~ reaction

(An anagram is a word switch or word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example, the word anagram can be rearranged into nag-a-ram or margana etc.)

Many things in our lives are like anagrams, we switch the meaning a little bit, and it looks nearly the same, but the meaning is something totally different. This is the game that is played out, things that look at the surface nearly the same are totally different, if you look beyond the camouflage. This kind of word-games are the art of brainwash and mind control. Also look at how words loose their meaning! Love has become just a 4-letter word…!! I love ice cream, I love this dress, I love fancy shoes, I love sports… I love you?!?!?!?

Mars with Saturn in conjunction in Scorpio is also heavily supporting this topic. There is a metamorphosis going on, we can compare it to the initiation in ancient time. After many years of learning and training in the temple, the scholar is finally brought to the chamber of initiation, the chamber in the pyramid or in a deep cave, where she or he has to stay to face the inner fears, the demons of their fear and either they conquered them and recognized what was illusion and came out alive as a Master or their bodies were found dead.


In this time it is much more difficult since we don’t have many wise priests and Masters anymore who guide the way. This is why we have to find the guidance within again and the Trine from the Sun to Uranus is guiding the way. Uranus in Pisces is showing where we have to focus on, learn to see the illusion and deception, to find the truth. The second trine in this chart, from Venus in Leo to Pluto in Sagittarius points in the same direction, to overcome the old boundaries, to move beyond the “normal” belief and remember that we can only see what we belief. We need to move beyond these limitations and open up again for our own truth, for the power within and start to create our reality in different, definitely more loving and caring ways!

Recently I re-read a book that I had since the 80’s about Sekhet-a-ra, the life of the daughter of a Pharaoh, her impressive journey of a life time. It’s a novel from Joan Grant (Winged Pharaoh) that made me feel nearly homesick for a time when there was still initiation in the “old” ways. It does not matter if this is a “true” story or not, it triggered something since it’s so alive and gives a “déjà-vue” feeling.

(http://www.tower.com/winged-pharaoh-joan-m-grant-paperback/wapi/100607203 or https://www.amazon.com/Winged-Pharaoh-Far-Memory-Books/dp/1585678864)

Don’t be fooled, the elite does not care about you, they only are care about their own goals. Every one who messes with them will be punished. Therefore we need to very subtle, in a simple way, change our own lives. Start to care for ourselves, don’t let fear control, eat good food and avoid what is not good for our body, create the ideal life we want in our dreams and visualize it; give our focus not to the fear based media but concentrate on constructive things. Love more, laugh more….. and one day the quantum leap will happen, because we have created an energy potential that works for us and they can’t feed on our fear anymore. Light at the end always will simply illuminate darkness. Turn on a light in a dark room, the room within you.


Subtle changes will not be visible for others at first, but every thing is changing in our life first only visible for us, then later others will see the change. There are many people ready do change things and whole new systems are ready to take over when the old “castle falls”. In this case the light is the knowledge that leads one out of ignorance and victim hood. It will lead you to creativity and power which helps to resolve problems in a different way and recognize what is really good for us and what not (e.g. food, literature, TV etc.) and last but not least: start to love yourself, understand that you are unique, beautiful and powerful beings, made in the image of the creator and co-creators in our own right. You can only love, truly love (not in the meaning of the 4-letter word and not emotional) when you have learned to accept, honour, recognize and love your Self!

Namaste, Katharina


Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

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13 comments on “Full Moon, 18 August 2016 ~ By their fruits you will know them!

  1. Very excellent article/moon reading Katharina! So right on with what is going on today and also some “remedies” to help you handle all the crazy that is happening now. :o)

    • Thanks Laura Lee, the stars are so accurate …. this skyview chart
      it’s like a magnifying glass that I can see things pop up

  2. Hello Olive, this sounds good!
    I still have something for you if you like… some day we can chat about it… Hugs, Katharina

    • Hi Katharina, good to hear about your future courses. Maybe I will join in one of them and we can have a long chat….:) Big hugs too!

      • we soon will be ready with our new program and tomorrow go look at resorts. Some very beautiful mountain resorts are in this are 😉
        I also week teach weekend workshops in town and evening meditations, I’m now the advisor to the tourist council CR and they have a center in town. It would be great to see you again!!

  3. Profound, deep, reveiling, and encouraging … as always … thank you for your commitment Katharina. Nina

    • Hi Nina, good to hear from you and I hope things are going well for you in this auspicious time… blessings, Katharina

      • Hi Katharina, the reply button on your page doesn’t seem to work, or I can’t manage to make it work. So I just tried to reply the usual way.

        Life seems un-planable these days. Everything in my life seems in flux, and I’ve sort of accepted it. There are no anchors, no certainties, only new days, new options, and trying to keep the balance between the 3-D and 5-D, trying to keep myself is harmony and balanced, while at the same time staying informed and trying to awaken others. It’s a constant balancing act. Some days good, others not so good. But ultimately, I believe in the path, the power of truth, and our future.

        Much love to you, Nina

        Sent from my iPad


      • its all about balancing and to be in the Now as good as possible. It feels like rope-walking in a storm ~ but this shall pass too…. as every thing does! And we move forward, the deepest night will be replaced by a new day

  4. A very powerful message here, Katharina. I am at the final phase of the process of learning to forgive, accept & love myself. I have lots of interesting plans in the near future!
    Love & big hugs,

  5. Dear Katharina,
    Thank you for this beautiful moon reading: I understand what you say and feel the same…
    Time is passing quickly and I will soon be back in Thailand, October 3rd
    I hope everything is going well for you
    Looking forward to see you again
    Love, Pierre

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