Full Moon 19 July ’16: the peeling of the onion goes on

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Full Moon 19 July2016

The peeling of the onion goes on

By Katharina Bless ©


The peeling of the onion goes further and more layers are coming off. Sometimes you might wonder if there are more layers beyond, but I assure you, there are many more to come! The world stage show a lot of “puss” that is coming to the surface to be cleared and cleaned. Still, a lot of people try to look away, but one day when they can’t avoid to see it anymore, then mountains move.


FM 19 July 16

The Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini help us to move through more barriers and blockages, they give us the “fuel” of curiosity, openness and the deep inner knowledge that there is something more out there… something behind the camouflage of all that negative that is bubbling up constantly.

What we have to do is to ask ourselves: What do I have to do with this? And the best way is just to look what is in your range of vision and not look away. What is the game that is played out around you and in your life? Do you like it? Are you ready to change so the game can change? What can I do about it?

If we look into the world it’s really most amazing that certain people are still having a great influence after so many scandals! It seems that there are some people who still believe blindly what they are told. It’s in the media, on TV or in the news, so it must be true!


US Pres

It is an amazing time, in one way we have access to more knowledge than ever, but the schools and education has become worse and worse and the IQ of kids is going down. The kids are not motivated to learn (poisoned by vaccine) and either bored to death or simply refusing to learn anything because they can’t see why they should. Many know intuitively that the knowledge that is “served on the silver platter” is only brainwash and not giving them any thing real for life. Teachers are desperate about the school materials they receive and have a hard time with the classes. A very close relative who is a teacher tells me a lot about how sorry she is for the kids but that she does not have the authority to change things. So she tries to do the best with what she has and weaves into her lessons some fun and creativity.

We can wait to see the systems fail and fall, the next few years will mark the demolition and termination of old structures The support columns of the present system are rusty and crumble, the towers fall. Like at 9/11. No matter how it happened, it was a sign, a very significant one and it is better if we look at it from this point of view.



What do to with all that… how to proceed?

This is the big question and will determine how you fare in the time to come. We see a huge tendency to resign and many feel powerless and become lethargic and suffer more or less silent. Some realize that always when the old falls, it’s a great chance to manifest something new. Look what is happening for example with indoor gardens, people who plant in little apartments part of their food… absolutely great! Or look at new entrepreneurs who’s business’ grow very fast, for example with recycling plastic.

Jon Rappoport is one of the “apostles in the desert” reminding us constantly that the greatest good and gift we have is our creativity. I agree, this is why I still read his posts. One of them I want to highlight here: “I write a new ending to Orwell’s 1984” https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/i-write-a-new-ending-for-orwells-1984/ ~ well worth the time!

The red Triangle from the Moon to the Sun and Uranus give us the opportunity to break the patterns. Really brake them apart, not just scratch the surface! It will take some effort, but it’s well worth it! If you want to leave that dead end track or time line, then do something. Those who “go with the flow” will be flushed down with all the mud and puss that is loose and end up suffocating.

The blue triangle from the Sun to Chiron and Mars, together with the other supporting trines, help us to reconnect with deeper layers within, with something called love, but I don’t mean that word “love” that you also use in: “I love ice cream, I love my iPad… I just love to jogg…”

I am talking about something else that in Greek was called Agape. A reference for life, for the divine, honoring life. A deep felt gratitude for the chance to live and experience. This kind of gratitude is mostly lost, but it is exactly this attitude that will change your lives, if you start to apply it.

Gratitude is the Attitude that Changes Every Thing


If the curiosity awakens, if we start to ask questions like: what am I doing here on this planet Earth in this time? Then we can go deeper and if we use this as a topic to meditate, inspiration will wake up and bring forth ideas and solutions how to change, and within our own changing, we change all that is.

It was said so many times that it would require just a very small little effort to change the world, why is this small effort to big? But the whole world is full of political and other Organizations and NGO’s, governments and cooperations who say they make huge efforts to change the world… to make a better world… promises after promises… and northing is getting better? The richer get richer, the middle class is vanishing and the poor get poorer! What is this little effort.. why is it not implemented, even if we know it. The Dalai Lama said it and many other wise people.

If you change yourself, you change the world!

So now look at the chart. At the charts that I was interpreting in the last few years: so often they pointed to this wisdom, the stars are aligned with our growth and for those who see, they have very clear messages. But even the message from the stars are distorted in most systems who claim they are working with astrology, but in fact work with a system that has noting to do with the real stars. How can one say s/he is working with astrology which literally means:

Millions of people read these reports every day, little text in newspapers and on-line and decide accordingly how to go on with their day and their decisions. Has it proven to be good and helpful? How much misery is still out there despite the guidance? How come that those “horoscopes” are kind of 50/50 and can be interpreted in many ways? This is an insult to any ancient astrologer who was studying many, many years the sky, the rhythm and from the rhythm starting to understand time quality and eventually to be able to understand the life path of countries and individuals to help them to find the right path. The most amazing thing is that many of today’s astrologers don’t even recognize the stars if you take them out at night and show them the night sky! They are just abstract in the computer… topics…. Predictions….

Now I can hear some say that I have gone crazy, fanatic. Maybe I did. Maybe I just decided to not tolerate stupidity in my life anymore and not playing a game of lukewarmness and “flapping like flags in the wind”. I want to feel again the energy of of the depths of things and beings. I want to find the truth and not be guided by wisps and false lights in a swamp. I listened to a speech from Matt Kahn about moving energies recently and realized that I have also pockets of energies that haven’t moved for a long time and I am moving them now.

I was asked what kind of animal I would like to be in the moment and here it is:

pure, playful, gentle yet powerful…. Did you know that dolphins can communicate a message around the world to all others of their species and it is still exactly the same message after it travels around the globe? We can learn a lot from them!

Mercury and Venus in Cancer help to dive deep into old patterns, into the unconscious and muddy waters to find what is not moving. Saturn gives you the help with Scorpio determination not to give up until you find whatever is still hidden there, what you need to look at or need to remove. You can visualize it literally like diving in muddy water, ask Saturn to guide you and find the old bones and treasures buried below. There you will find both, the good and the bad, and it’s all hidden because you hid it so well. Your treasure can’t be of use for you as long as you don’t remove the rust and open the chest. You have to overcome the fear and face it all and then figure out how to use your power.

The most amazing thing is not so much that people fear all the negative stuff, but that they fear their own power and creativity. The fear to be powerful, creative and different!


This is the most ridiculous thing because we are here because we are different, because we are meant to be unique and individual with no comparison. We are here to create and to explore. Not to “take in” the experiences of others and and step into others shoes, but put on our own and walk OUR path. We can listen to the wisdom of others, but still, we have to apply it in our lives, in our own ways.

Maybe you feel inspired this Full Moon to go out into nature, take a walk in the moon light and feel it… feel the quality of this moment in time, this single and unique moment in your life. Maybe you feel inspired to look at the sky, to change something, to move energies and remember who you are and why you are here! Maybe you are inspired to put away the old layers of beliefs and habits that don’t serve you anymore.

Namaste, Katharina


Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

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5 comments on “Full Moon 19 July ’16: the peeling of the onion goes on

  1. Very powerfully written, Katharina. Tough times require tougher measures. Say it as it is! The new Philippines President is not nicknamed “Dirty Harry” for nothing. The man pulls no punches. He says his thing and couldn’t care less what others think.

    July proves to be an amazing month for Malaysia. Many many layers of onions are being removed. The shameless Prime Minister is denying everything, even though the U.S Department of Justice has all the evidence. And our latest excitement was on July 28th, when The Sarawak Report published an exclusive interview that should be so damning for the PM.

    You’re a special Astrologer, Katharina.


    • yes, there are some scandals coming to the surface, it happens that I know about this one a bit more details…and I agree that he should be paying for what he is doing. It’s only one of many and those who have the finger pointed at this guy, should point it also in a different direction at some people in their own country… and some others too…
      One friend told me that if we want peace, we should eliminate all politicians and institutions, the medical cartel and churches. I think I would agree with that.

  2. Hi Marco,
    thank you for your feed back. it is such a significant time and I wanted to edit the reading after I re-read it, “water it down” a bit but then I was clear about that I don’t want to do that, I want to just be able to write what is coming to me. I know that in a past life I have been an astrologer and I feel his frustration about what is being done today.
    I realize, the more I just break habits and do things differently, they shift and new opportunities are coming along my way.
    Thanks also for being in my life ~ I appreciate your music very much!
    (And the Gong CD is not forgotten… but I haven’t found the right person yet to solve the problem)

    • Good,say it as it is!We have enough watering down of truth=lies!Often many are scared to see and examine the truth so they just deny it!That wont change it!I too was an astrologer in past times and maybe thats why i dont do as much as i used to,because again i see even my astrologer friends wont break out of the old habit!

      The gong music will come at the right time!;)

  3. Once again you have used the starry map to highlight the crucial issues at ths time!The education system,the layers peeling off to show us the dirt,so we can clean it!But we have to clean our own dirt first,ths has been a topic coming up again and again recently!

    I even unknowingly used that quote from Dalai lama in a song…when we change ourselves we will change the world…bring back the love!And sad how astrology is being used to mislead people,no-one apart from a handful(eternal thanks Kat)realise the planets positions are not being read correctly and astrology is not being used how it was intended.

    Thanks again for being one of the few real people i am happy to know:)

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