Dark Moon, 4 July 2016 ~ There is a vast potential to our disposal!

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Dark Moon, 4 July 2016

There is a vast potential to our disposal!

By Katharina Bless ©

This Dark Moon has some significant gifts to offer. It’s time to create, to plant seeds for a new life experience.

Since there are no planets in earth signs, there is a huge potential to manifest first on the mental / emotional level and fuel the energy for manifestation. Remember, every thing which is manifest starts there!

The Moon and Sun are in conjunction in Gemini close to Mercury and Venus and also show a nice sextile to Jupiter in Leo. There is also a from of a very unusual triangle from the Dark Moon to Neptune in Aquarius with a square to Saturn and a quincunx back; both, Neptune and Saturn are retrograde. But let’s first look at the trines!

DM 4 July 16

The Dark Moon in Gemini gives us new perspectives, we are challenged to look at more than one outcome, new ways to look at things, to understand (Mercury) several options and from this understanding create (Venus) something in our lives from a new perspective. The supporting trines are from Mars in Libra, which show that a male and female energy is not fighting but supporting each other and Mars can be the break through energy we need to really move a big step forward.

The trine to Neptune is more difficult to understand, since Neptune in general, is not comprehensible with the rational mind. Our unconscious is involved and it can well be that the square to Saturn is the challenge that we need to master to get through our rational mind and pay attention to the intuition that will “bubble up” and not the programmed mind in a rational way! Simply dismiss what you know already and go for the unknown, the new opportunity, even if you are not clear yet how it will be, focus if it “feels” good.

We can also imagine that our unconscious is like water. Imagine a lake and you can’t see to the ground. If you dive into it, it’s all blurred and the further down you go, the more dark it gets. We need a kind of a tool to see things more clear and be able to spend some time there, like some diving gear. In our mind, we have such tools ready at any time we want and use the Alpha waves to dive into the vastness of our potential. If you use a meditative state of mind you are within the frequency of Alpha waves. The crystal singing bowl sound can bring you there very fast and I will also give you another little breathing exercise, so you can go there fast.


Find a space where you are comfortable and not disturbed. Take a deep breath and breath out only about 1/3 of the air, stop for ~ 3 seconds (count slowly to 3), then release the next 1/3 and stop (repeat counting slowly to 3) and then slowly exhale completely and also stop a moment before you inhale again. Take a deep breath and do this 3 times.

You might feel a bit dizzy then, which is ok and will pass in a moment. Then use tools you know or follow this: you can imagine a big white board and write a question there and then just walk away and see what is happening in this meditation. Then come back to the white board and if you found an answer already, wipe it clean. If not, just leave it there and come back, you might get answers in a different way. Back in the Beta waves of our “normal” consciousness go on with your work, answers will come to you in many ways. If you have prepared the question before you do the meditation, it’s easier and more efficient. Ask only one question at the time, but you can repeat the process as many times as you like. Or you can create more than one white board.

You can use this exercise also in other ways to manifest and to state things. It has to happen in ways you belief, otherwise you would not be able to see or hear the answers. You might think of it as coincidences… but they are not!


The quincunx from Saturn back to the Dark Moon conjunction is a “last chance aspect” and will give you an opportunity to resolve old issues and trigger things that are not resolved and prevent you from totally being yourself. This is a very powerful constellation and I give you this little breathing exercise that you can do when ever you have a moment also to ask for support in realms you can’t reach with your rational mind, to resolve issues. I used to call it the “miracle realm” where I send my requests and ask my questions and then imagined the little helpers to organize and create the serendipity to give me answers or make things happen. It worked…!

What makes us co-creators is our imagination and/or fantasy. The energy that we send out with our visualization and the emotional fuel of excitement is what brings us forward and helps us to manifest new things. People who are stuck in the limitations and belief of what the mass media sais to be real, are usually fearful, disappointed and lethargic, the are stuck in their apprehension and not able to create anything uplifting. Their creativity is behind huge walls of false beliefs and they keep on creating the same all over again. They remain cynical and have the tendency to pull every one around them into their misery. You can see this the best with people’s addictions. If one stops smoking/drinking etc. she or he is kicked out of the “gang” and does not belong to them anymore. Avoid such people! You deserve better and all of those who managed to get out of such addictions and beliefs, have found nicer companions along their path. Walk away to a better future!

walking away

I used the word “magic” above, some things might appear magic, but in fact they are quite understandable if you have just a little knowledge of what quantum physics is discovering. And even plain physics can explain a lot. Just imagine that you can alter the state of Ice by heating up to water and further to steam. In the same way you can transform much more. Energy is created through emotions, attention and focus, accelerating your thoughts towards materialization. This is a reason why similar tests don’t come out the same because the focus is somewhere else and exactly the energy of the focus, of the expected result, is having an influence on the test! Both, in the positive and negative way (I’m not saying good and bad, just positive and negative!)

Looking from Venus, we see a triangle to Mars and Chiron, there is also a very subtle healing gift. This is probably only for those to see, who can work with subtle energies and understand the ways how energies flow, how we can attract them and send them out with a specific focus. If you use this gift, you can enhance your health maybe even bring some old issues to the surface and work towards more profound healing. It might trigger a healing crisis, but all old issues have to come to some kind of an acute state to be healed. It also can happen on the mental level, as I just experienced when a trigger brought up a very old “wound” to be healed.

dream dancing

The opposition to retrograde Pluto is pointing also in this direction. This time quality is not so easy to understand since no planet is in an earth sign. It might seem unrealistic without “material grasp”. We are here left in a realm which is more abstract but not less real. Every thing that is being created, first exists in a though, in imagination and fantasy. Take the sample of the idea of a house. Next step towards materialization might be talking to an architect who will then create drawings according to the idea; followed by discussions of how you would like it to be in more details etc. and there are many more steps until the building is finished.

Don’t underestimate the power of this chart which will give you a very powerful opportunity to contemplate and create what you want. Every one who is using the power of creative visualization and use fantasy, no matter in which kind of images one thinks, will have results manifested! Even unconscious feelings are creative! What ever we fuel, in a positive or negative way, tends to show up in life. Fear, anger and frustration are also very powerful tools for manifesting. Therefore it is very important to be conscious, this is the first thin we learn in meditation! And a meditative way of manifesting has the most powerful potential.

Namaste, Katharina

dreams come true

Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!

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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power”  book one and two and “The Secret of the Abundance Box”. She lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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4 comments on “Dark Moon, 4 July 2016 ~ There is a vast potential to our disposal!

  1. Dear Katharina,

    Interestingly too, that the facilitator, who has been in the banking industry for 20 years (he is an Anthroposophist) mentioned his disappointment/ frustration with many business organisations who want to do things the archaic way – outdated systems of management. He said he is very keen and feels more alive if he works with new start up enterpreneurs who are keen in the Anthroposophic model for businesses. They feel it very heartwarming to see that participants from China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia are very receptive of Anthroposohy (The Philippines has an A. Society since the 1990s).

    We were happily amazed that many young farmers (from China & Malaysia) participated in the seminar to learn about Biodynamic Agriculture. They are learning about healing humanity through healing of the Earth.

    Change really is inevitable.



    • Dear Olyve,
      yes, you can see it every where, but the energies are still not settled yet, good ideas are here and it takes time to make them happen. The most important thing probably is that people step out of the habits, the propaganda and start to think for themselves again and search for solutions!
      Hugs, K

  2. Interesting what you wrote about ideas being birthed first in the non physical reality. I’m attending a week long seminar.

    The women in my class are the highlight for the first few days. Two are currently in businesses and they presented tangible problems in our case studies. Three, including yours truly, are full of ideas in our heads. Great ideas that we believe will support society. The common thread for us is that we have multiple skills, we’re certainly capable of executing our various talents. We just don’t have the proper know how to put ourselves in a competitive dog eat dog market. We want to be of service to humanity and get proper remuneration for our services. We want to put our high ideals into practical application. We just don’t know how! We are passionate with our cause.

    Enter the businessmen in our group. At first I was quite apprehensive – what if they think our ideas are not practical, not a money machine? Prompted by our German facilitator, they listened with their hearts to our unprofessional, honest, emotional, beating around the bush, presentations. I must say, they were probably surprised by their own emphathy and patience in listening to our long winded speech! They offered helpful valuable insights and guidance. One businessman even offered to invest big! Ha ha. In the end, everyone agreed to listen to the heart intelligence and follow where it leads us. What a wonderful time we’re having. The seminar ends this Sunday, but the take home message is eternal.

    • Wow, this sounds like a really great opportunity for all involved! Yes, things are shifting and the perception too. Ideas are always, like brainstorming, chaotic in the beginning and need logical ordering…. If we can awaken the empathy in people again then things will change fast… and the heart wisdom is far superior to the mind knowledge!

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