Full Moon 24 Jan 2016: A paradigm shift in the human consciousness

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Full Moon 24 Jan 2016

A paradigm shift in the human consciousness

By Katharina Bless


This chart shows us a big triangle, the opposition of the Full Moon from the Sun in Capricorn to the Moon in Cancer with a ½ and 1½ square, the karmic aspects to Chiron in Aquarius.


Mercury is in close conjunction with Pluto in Sagittarius and still retrograde for two more days. This sets the tone for this following descending moon phase. The quintile, a 72˚ Venus Aspect form the Sun to Uranus shows that the consciousness is shifting on the planet. This is not an individual thing only, but a global paradigm shift. We can expect a huge earthquake, but not on the physical level of the body of Mother Earth but on the mental stage of humanity.

Fm 24 jan16

The square form Uranus to ret Mercury/Pluto conjunction shows that it might trigger some more anger and frustration. This same confrontation is visible in the opposition from ret Jupiter to Chiron. Jupiter is on the same degree as the north node in Leo and the axis to the south node is on the last degree of Pisces, but Chiron in Aquarius.


Therefore we can conclude that the shift will be coming in tidal waves and at the same time lightening strikes. The political situation will escalate and I would not be too surprised, if people in certain EU countries would stand up and stop the destruction of their country. This very interesting article came in this morning:



As I mentioned in my last reading, the suppressed sexual life and distorted and crippled understanding of sex will coming to the surface and it’s time to look at this topic from a point of view outside the box of dogmatic religions and restrictions.


Venus is not connected to any other planet with an aspect but if we look closer at the symbol of Pluto, we find Venus within. I wrote about this many times and want to just remind you here that we can see a total different topic here, not what is used in the Western astrology at all. Pluto represent the dark Goddess of creation, death AND rebirth! Here we transform into something different and you can also find in here the Ankh (cruz Ansata) from the Egyptian mythology, which is the cross of life, also representing creation, healing and sexual conception.


It is time to dive deeper and look at the symbols again. They are the key for our liberation. We have to understand the mythology is not telling us a story form the mundane and causal life, but mythology is telling us a story of another realm that the mind can’t understand in it’s logic.



The Greek word “mytho-logain” means: telling a true story, this is where the mythos comes from. The word “logain” is part of the whole and telling us the story of logos/logic, of the mind, which is only half of the truth. In all symbols we find on our path, we can see two things: a mundane and logical or a mythological and “vertical” information. This depends on how we look at things.


To give you an example: when I teach a workshop, first I need to get people out of their rational/logical minds, the male side that is today dominant not only in man, but also in most women. The easiest to do that is to do some body exercises, tell a story or let them draw some Mandalas. After this, the female receptors and the mytho-logical part is activated and the world looks very different. From there we can start to create and perceive things that are not achievable by the logical thinking mind.


The main aspect points toward healing of the past. We are in a one-way street and have to turn around. There are still shadows lurking form the past which are so overwhelming that most people have distract themselves with entertainment until they are so tired that they can sleep.


The most obvious and important thing we need to look at is us as individual. We have been subtle moved into the direction of being a group and not and a unique individual. Groups are much more easy to manage and control. We all server a purpose of the group and have to put our individual needs aside. This also is used in the spiritual field of “oneness” which is totally wrong interpreted.


There is one thing more to consider: there are many human beings on the planet and not all of them have the same consciousness level. For some there is still a need for the group because the individual is not yet awaken and they need guidance in a different way. This is grotesquely misused from the ones to rule them. You would never blame a child in the kindergarten that it is not able to comprehend higher mathematics. Imagine that some souls having a human experience are new to it and need to be guided to the awakening of the creative individual. But today the opposite is happening, every thing is being done to avoid the awakening of those “younger” souls and to keep them in the unconscious masses.


Yes, at the end and in the beginning we are ONE. But we have moved out of one-ness to be come the many to be able to create adventures and individuals. It is the purpose of the individual to experience life in his/her unique way because every thing that a person experiences is special. Not one thing is the same as the other. Even if we repeat things, each time they are different. Imagine you drive a road every day, even though it might be the same road, you might encounter other people, cars, weather each time you drive it. Of course many don’t even notice that anymore because it has become such a habit that they function on “automatic pilot” and only are pulled out of the monotony, if something unexpected is happening.


The whole propaganda to make us into “flocks” is just to suppress the creative individual to an easy manageable mass. And individual is not manageable! But an individual will recognize the needs of a group and accordingly contribute what is necessary to make it work out of understanding and not because of pressure or oblivion.

An awakened individual will align and take a position in the group  according to his abilities. This might look a bit like the alignment of the stars right now. Each one has its individual path, but right now they are aligned!

Alignment Jan16

For all beings the chart shows the time quality of a life time and the options one has. It’s not about prediction! The sun represents our consciousness, the moon our feeling. Each full- and dark moon we experience a heightened tension because our feelings want to be acknowledged by our consciousness. The other players in the game show us how. This time with the two karma aspects to Chiron, the wounded healer, is a touches a deep wound that never had a chance to heal in humanity.

Maybe this is easier to understand in Johann Wolfgang Goethe poem from the Orphic primeval words. I have attempted to translate from the poetic High German style of language as best as I can to reflect the meaning of this wonderful poem:


On the day you were lent to this world,

The Sun stood to greet the planets

You thrived and thrived into this life

According to the law that marked your start

That’s how you have to be, you can’t escape yourself

So the Sybille’s said and the prophets

And no time and no power can dismember

Embossed form within the process of evolution.

German original: J. W. Goethe, Orphische Urworte

Wie an dem Tag, der dich der Welt verliehen,

Die Sonne stand zum Grusse der Planeten,

Bist alsobald und fort und fort gediehen

Nach dem Gesetz, wonach du angetreten.

So musst du sein, du kannst dir nicht entfliehen

So sagten schon Sybillen, so Propheten,

Und keine Zeit und keine Macht zerstueckelt

Gepraegte Form, die lebend sich entwickelt.


Most people always expect that life is going on in the usual ways…. the good old times … have they been really so good looking back the last few thousand years with so many wars, suppression, witch hunt etc.? Somehow it seems that people just can’t cope with it and glorify the good memories and suppress the others. But they can’t remain suppressed for ever! Now they come up. We are not living here on the planet for the happy ending that people expect. If birth was the start of this life, death will be the final goal. If you go to school for a few years, your main goal is to learn and leave the school. Every time we start something, we do it because we want to complete it, create something and then when it’s done, move on to some other project. Same here! Our life on earth is comparable with a journey you book and when the journey is over, you return home. Maybe you like it a lot and want to come back to look at things closer. Same here!


But we forgot that it is a journey and after this we go home again!


If we start to remember that what counts here on this journey is the experience, then why waste it? Why should we have a life in monotony and repeat things over and over? One teacher once said that if we are good in a job and know every thing how to do, we should leave it to be challenged with a new one.


This chart challenges us to look at things differently and become responsive again to life. To take response-ability for all we do. To respond to life and not hibernate in a cave of self-denial. Frustration and boredom are signs of suppressed creativity. ADD etc. indicate the same, the kids are bored at schools teaching a lot of stuff that are mainly brainwash and is based on rules of impossible behavior for a kid in that age. There are some exceptions, but these schools have a hard time to survive and often are ridiculed.


We won’t find answers outside, it’s time to look inside and stand up for who we are! Remember: individuals are not manageable in the same way as oblivious masses. Only intelligent and open individuals can change the world!


Namaste, Katharina



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The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**


Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power”  book one and two and “The Secret of the Abundance Box”. She lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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9 comments on “Full Moon 24 Jan 2016: A paradigm shift in the human consciousness

  1. Thanks Katharina. Sending lots of love.

    Love, Light & Peace,

    Diane Dunn

    Paz y Luz


    Cusco, Peru



  2. Spot on Katharina,once again the planets are the mirrors!And your interpretation yes spot on!Great article you posted,also spot on!It still surprises me that more people are not now seeing thru this ridiculous deception and conspiracy to divide,confuse and rule for their pathetic ends.Tho having said that think people are awakening and thats why these evil puppetteers are freaking out and will get more intense as they grasp at straws!We will make sure,truth,peace and justice prevail!

    • Yes, the misunderstanding is that planets are an influence. They are not. But just a measure of time quality. Since people can’t think “mythological” anymore and want to explain every thing rational/logical, all the misconceptions happen and it’s easy to deceive the masses with this kind of brainwash. But as you know, nothing can last without end 😉

      • Yes even astrology has been misused to put people in boxes and mislead them,thank God for Skyview!When the time is right i would go for your course;)I wish to help get the truth about astrology out there,so it can be used properly.I am a changed man since you put me on the road to truth with the truth about the planets:)

    • ha, ha, ha… yes, they have to take out the big guns now…let’s see where it leads!
      Thanks for your feed back, Marco!

  3. Hi Katharina, I would love a refresher course! Online would be awesome! This is another spot on reading. From the government to the individual. Massive massive scandal by the government here & I really hope change is coming.

    “Frustration and boredom = suppressed creativity.” Sounds very much like me. A tiny lizard just confirmed this. I feel other people are closing in on me with their idea of “success”. I really have to remember to remain equanimous and not be sucked back into the matrix.

    Have a blessed weekend, Katharina.

    • Olyve, I know how difficult it is not be be sucked back into the old drama… I was last year with all what happened here… I’m so glad to be out again! It was difficult, the least to say, a lot of anger, frustration and pain! On one level I always knew… and I tried to move out, but just could not! That’s why I needed to go away for a month to have distance and there the healing was more easy.

  4. yes… and much more is going on behind the scene! But it’s not done yet….

  5. its a ‘set up’ by the %1 its all about divide and control…
    the task is to keep making Europe and the world) more unstable and polarized but Germany needed more diversity/scapegoats so it was done via policies from the top

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