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Dark Moon 16 June 2015 We need to “see” the world with a different approach!

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Dark Moon 16 June 2015

We need to “see” the world with a different approach.

By Katharina Bless


This is the second Dark Moon in Taurus in exact conjunction with Mars. Saturn has moved back into Libra in opposition to Mercury, this gives us a quite a challenging topic, also considering the 3 half squares in this chart (orange lines).


In general, Mars is bringing some powerful energies to reinforce the topic of the planet(s) that Mars conjuncts. Since this Dark Moon conjunction is in Taurus, we can also see that it is connected with real, down to earth topic and effects. The half square to Venus is the challenge and brings emotional “fuel” into this and we have maybe some stuff blowing right into our faces with unresolved issues.


Venus is asking us to listen to our feelings, to find out what we can’t see yet (Neptune quincunx) because it’s maybe too alien and totally not what the “norm” is teaching us. The “norm” and the “normal” that we are used to live in, is not working anymore. The outcome of old ways of doing things are not what we expect. We need to learn to “see” the world and the dimensions with a different approach.


It’s about digging deeper into what/who we really are, to align ourselves with aspects of our soul that we might not even have known to be there. In the disguise of the human costume we are wearing, we have come to identify ourselves as a human being, with the costume, and lost connection with the true Self. This is not our “natural” way of being, but the “normal” way we are used to. It has become a habit for us to identify with our human ego / personality.


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