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Full Moon June 2, 2015

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 2 June 2015

Acknowledgement is the precursor of changes!

By Katharina Bless



The Full Moon in Scorpio with a massively challenging constellation of two squares and one half and one-and-a-half square is not allowing any pretensions anymore! There is deep digging deep into the psyche announced!


Probably most people had a quite intense time the last couple weeks. It seemed that there is never a break, but still, unlikely to Mercury retrograde, some problem have solved themselves. Maybe we just had to align with the energy of the “shaking” which led up to this Full Moon.


Solutions show up and it looks like that those who face their shortcomings and face what is confronting them, are rewarded in a very special way. I get finally, after a year of struggle with staff, a nice and educated couple who will live here, so I am free again to move because someone is here taking care of the animals, the big land and the houses. I am so relieved, it seems like a ‘prison time’ is over.


Interestingly they agreed to come on the 26th…  Saturn turned retrograde into Libra on the 27th! Saturn is giving the chance for another balancing time. This is in fact a great opportunity for huge shifts, if we manage to put things back into balance.

The retrograde Mercury time is not like other times! There are still 10 more days to go, so let’s observe what they bring! Of course there were a few little miscommunications, but not like other times. It seems to be very powerful time to release lots of clutter on all levels!


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