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Dark Moon 18 May 2015: Mother Earth is restoring balance!

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Dark Moon 18 May 2015


Mother Earth is restoring balance!

By Katharina Bless




The Dark Moon constellation is in Taurus with an opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. Mars and Mercury are also in Taurus now and what we experience is very “material” and down to earth. The half squares that involve Mars/Uranus and Venus/Dark Moon show that it’s not over yet. There is something very urgent in this constellation, something calling us to look at the “other side of the coin” that we usually avoid.


This constellation reminds us to remember that all we think and feel will in one or another way also manifest in the material 3D realm. The 3D realm is what we see and experience daily, but we all know that this is not all. Even if some people say they only belief what they see. This actually is double wrong because we only can see what we belief!


Saturn now is challenging us and confronting us with the mortality of every thing. The major earthquake in the last couple weeks and destruction was more than most can understand and Solara wrote in her Surf update from May 12 something that totally resonates with me:


“……This time it profoundly triggered something in me. Nepal and Tibet have long served together as “The Rooftop of the World”. Something deep within me stirred and a fragment of an ancient prophecy began to be remembered. I don’t remember much of it yet, but it foretells of a time when much of the world is taken over by the forces of corruption and deceit. This is when “The Rooftop of the World” falls down. This is a powerful sign to me that we must get ultra serious about becoming the Anchors of the New Reality, because without these new anchors, activated and in position, everything will collapse.



To read the whole go to:


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