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Full Moon, 4 May 2015

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 4 May 2015

By Katharina Bless



The Earth is shaking on all levels,

Alertness and openness are the keys to move on.




It’s difficult to start this reading, since the events led up to this Full Moon are not what we hoped for as in “smooth transition”! The earthquake in Nepal was “talking” a very clear language, including the message of the destruction of historical and sacred places.


That something violent will happened somehow, I knew deep down, but also was not prepared for this kind of devastation! The energetic tension that built up since the Dark Moon was palpable. On the day before the earthquake I had the symptoms of a heart attack and was not sure what it was all about and the weekend I felt very weak and sick. I didn’t know about the earthquake then, since I was to ill to look at any news.


It often happens that when such dramatic events occur, that I physically feel it in my body. Not so much the man made ones, but the outcry of Mother Earth, which includes volcano eruptions, tsunamis etc. But of course I just thought it was the weather and that I eat something bad!


The major square that I see here in action at the earthquake is Pluto/Uranus which was activated through a Saturn (ret) one-and-a-half square on the day of the earthquake. And there was also a half square from the Sun to Chiron, from Aries into Aquarius which indicates a sudden illness, a fierce event and if we look at the body of mother earth, it was a “feverish” shaking, a shallow quake affecting many. 


Looking at the present topic, all the talk about the shifting into “unity” consciousness, maybe there is still something wrong with that? What are people talking about? Unity is the thing that can’t be understood by a bi-polar brain and this is maybe why it is so easy to deceive the masses. Using words that can’t be understood. We can use “units” of something, but the true spiritual meaning of unity ~ being all one ~ can’t be applied to the 3D since the very fact that we are in 3D makes it impossible to be in “unity” since we exist… “existere” (Latin) = stepping out (of unity). So to make it simple and clear: as long as we exist as an individual, we are not in “unity” even if we are from a higher perspective and understanding. Our thinking makes us separate and only to stop the thinking can reunite us. But thinking and discrimination is the very nature of the 3D, otherwise we could not experience.


To read the whole and see the images go to:


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