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Chinese New Year Dark Moon Reading 2015

**SkyView Astrology**

Dark Moon, 18/19 February 2015

Chinese New Year of the Goat


Polarity is NOT about good and bad!


By Katharina Bless


This Dark Moon is still on the 18th in the western Hemisphere, but today I will look at the chart of Beijing, since it’s the Dark Moon which is the beginning of the new Chinese Year of the Wood Goat/Sheep. From the Chinese Horoscope this is a big shift, since we had 3 years of fire signs and now the “Wood Year” will bring a totally different energy. Let’s have a look how this looks in the real star constellations.

Usually when I do moon readings, I don’t write about AC and the houses, since this is different depending where in the world you look from. In the last year, I made the charts for London, which is 0˚W (or E) and divides artificially the world in West and East. We could look from any point in the world and go West or East, but since this is the place from where also most control in the world comes, I decided to make the chart from London, but not include the axis/houses.


Now it this Chart, I will look at the axis too and even though it is for Beijing, I believe that, since there is a big celebration not only in this part of the world, it will have an impact on the whole. Remember, one part of the hologram being changed affects the whole.

Please read the whole reading at:



(Since I can’t put big pictures anymore here without having to pay for a page, I post the readings in my SDNetwork, where I pay monthly anyway. I don’t want to pay for two sites.)

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