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Full Moon 3 Feb 2015: What is REALITY

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 3 Feb 2015

By Katharina Bless


What is REALITY anyway?



The Full Moon is with the Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn. The Moon is in conjunction with the retrograde Jupiter and also Mercury is retrograde since 23rd of January.


The retrograde Mercury is still lasting until the 13th and this is a time of stand still and projects are not moving forward. Since also Jupiter is retrograde, many might be frustrated because they are tired of waiting. To give a picture here is that we are standing in a line and wait for our turn, and then suddenly realize that the counter is closed and we can’t get what we want.


The tension everywhere is huge, especially emotional pressure might lead to some outbursts that can’t be easily controlled. People are confronted with all kind frustrations of situation where they can’t change any thing and just have to accept things seemingly totally unfair.


One of the big problems with such a constellation is that we usually have a very narrow perspective of our lives. We can’t see many thing, especially what actions of us have triggered in the world of others. Each of us has created his/her own world and there are others that are in it too. But human beings have to look at each situation from their own perspective and many see this as the only truth.



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