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Time for Initiation ~ SkyView Full Moon Reading ~ 5 Jan 2015

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 5 January 2015

Time for Initiation!

By Katharina Bless

This year’s first Full Moon confronts us with a Pyramid shape of four squares with two diagonal oppositions. This is a very significant constellation, especially since the Sun is in conjunction with Pluto and one opposition is connected with the Node and Uranus is in conjunction with the South node.


Pluto with Sun in Sagittarius bring us a lot of energy and power, but it can’t be released, it is “locked” into the Pyramid, so to say. It’s locked into a sacred space and it asks us to go into our “sacred Pyramid” and find out what this constellation has to do with our personal lives.

At this time I would recommend that you really go into a meditation and visualize to enter your personal pyramid, you climb the stairs and find the hidden chambers within, this can bring a great benefit, because you might discover things that you totally forgot but they are still here.

Since I can’t post anymore bigger pictures here, and the chart can’t be recognized in this small format, please go to my SkyView Astrology page in my Silver Dove Network, here you can find also the archive of the Astrology Readings of the couple last years. You can also sign up there and have many more topics and options. It’s my honor to meet you there again!
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 If you are interested to book a private reading, or learn this method of SkyView Astrology, please contact Katharina directly by email.





**SkyView Astrology (outer circle) works with the real star-constellations. Western/Tropical Astrology (inner circle) has nothing to do with the stars anymore and their 1˚ Aries is 28˚ apart from the true star constellations, the Vedic/Indian system is 6˚ degrees different. SkyView Astrology does not tell you who you are, but shows the blueprint/roadmap of one’s life and the time quality. It also is no fortune telling tool and can’t predict the future. The Western Astrology has nothing to do with the Stars, but is a method to show how the sun moves trough the season – which makes a certain sense in the northern hemisphere, but doesn’t make any sense bear and below the equator in the southern hemisphere – for more information go to www.silverdove.net


For your convenience I list the dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25°  April 18, Taurus: 36° – May 13, Gemini: 28° – June 21 Cancer: 20° –  July 20, Leo: 36° – Aug 10, Virgo: 44° – Sept 16,  Libra: 23°  Oct 30, ,  Scorpio: 25° – Nov 23,  Sagittarius: 33° – Dec 17, Capricorn: 28° – Jan 20,  Aquarius: 25° – Feb 16, Pisces: 37° – March 11

The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**


Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power” and has a sound meditation center in Chiang Rai, Thailand



Contact Katharina, please click here




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